Custom General Retail Communications

High-Impact Communications to Reach Your Workforce

Our custom programs focus on workplace safety, loss prevention, and high-risk scenarios. We speak directly to your workforce with targeted messages that drive safe and honest actions, empowering them to protect themselves, your profits, and your brand. We engage your employees with high quality creative materials set in your store locations that feature real employees, handling real products, and using familiar tools in context of recognizable scenarios.

Reverse the Forgetting Curve

We can create a program to address the areas that most impact your workplace, on the technology solution that works best for you. Consistent communications enable the same message to be shared from the top down to the frontline and back, with a frequency that puts your policies and rules top of mind, reversing the forgetting curve. Employees become 100% knowledgeable, 100% confident, 100% of the time. 



Impact Areas

Loss preventionSafetyhigh risk
Accuracy / Admin ErrorsDock and ConveyorsActive Shooter
Age Restricted SalesEmergency ResponseArmed Robbery
Cash HandlingErgonomics (Repetitive Strain)De-escalation
Change RoomsFalls from HeightsEmergency Preparedness
Cold ChainFire SafetyWorkplace Violence
Customer TheftHazard Recognition 
DamagesHeat and Cold Stress 
Data SecurityCutting and Lacerations 
FraudMaterial Handling Equipment (MHE) 
Internal TheftSafe Lifting 
ORCSoft Tissue Damage 
Out of DatesSlips, Trips, and Falls 
PharmacyPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
Production ManagementRight Tool for the Job 
Receiving RoomLock Out/Tag Out 
ReturnsHazard Communications/SDS 
Unauthorized DiscountsBloodborne Pathogens 

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+1 866 463 5117