GHG Validation and Verification Services

Intertek's auditing experts provide independent verification of GHG (greenhouse gas) assertions.

Environmental responsibility has become more than a fashionable trend, it is now a requirement. Besides the various legal regulations, sustainability is now often a supplier obligation. If you want to preserve your business prospects for the future, you need to address this critical aspect.  

One area of concern that has received a particularly high level of attention is greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Governments and businesses worldwide have recognized that urgent action is needed to reduce GHG emissions. As a result, many organizations are now calculating their GHG emission inventories and implementing projects to reduce or eliminate GHG emissions from their operations.  

To support these efforts, Intertek offers GHG validation and verification services in connection with the ISO 14064 series of standards and related GHG program protocols and requirements. Intertek's industry experts will not only provide third-party validation of your GHG assertion, but will also help you to identify opportunities to improve your business processes and efficiencies.

Six-Step Approach to Validations and Verifications

Intertek's approach to delivering GHG validation and verification services involves six key steps:

Step 1: Determine project needs
Our professional staff will listen and learn your needs, identify the project requirements and protocols, and develop a timely, cost-efficient proposal. Confidentiality agreements and conflict-of-interest checks are completed at this time.

Step 2: Strategize and develop a project plan
Our lead validator or verifier will prepare a sampling plan and schedule, taking into account the project needs, criteria and time frames.

Step 3: Conduct the GHG validation or verification field work activities
The field work is conducted using a mix of off-site and on-site activities. The sampling plan is developed to ensure a fair and thorough assessment, based upon the level of assurance required for the project.

Step 4: Assess the GHG information against defined criteria
The lead validator or verifier will review the GHG data and GHG information system against all relevant GHG criteria. Any shortcomings are promptly communicated, to allow for timely corrective action.

Step 5: Evaluate the GHG assertion(s)
It is of utmost importance that the GHG assertions are credible and meet the needs of the intended user. Intertek's process will ensure that the assertions are properly evaluated and double-checked though internal quality control procedures.

Step 6: Issue a GHG validation or verification statement
Approved statements are issued to you, the intended user, and other interested parties, as applicable. The statement will clearly indicate the results of the validation and verification, which will provide the appropriate project detail, and level of assurance, that can be applied to the GHG assertion. Our GHG validation or verification statement will provide a high level of credibility that our customers and industry have come to expect from Intertek.

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Need help or have a question?

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