ASTM D4230 - 02

Standard: ASTM D4230 - 02 – Standard Test Method of Measuring Humidity with Cooled-Surface Condensation (Dew-Point) Hygrometer

Scope: ASTM D4230 is applicable for the continuous measurement of ambient humidity in the natural atmosphere on a stationary platform. This test method encompasses the determination of the thermodynamic dew-point or frost-point temperature of ambient air via the condensation of water vapor on a cooled surface.

Applicable Products: Metal cladding and metal panels.

Test Procedure: The ambient humidity is measured using a dew- and frost-point hygrometer. The mirror or some other surface on which the condensate is deposited is provided for heating and cooling, detection of condensate, and the measurement of the temperature of the mirror surface. Calculations of saturation vapor pressure over water and ice as functions of temperature are provided.

End Result: Humidity information is significant for the understanding of atmospheric phenomena and industrial processes. Measurements of the dew-point and calculations of related vapor pressures are important to be capable of quantifying the humidity information.




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