AAMA 1506: Voluntary Test Method for Laboratory Build-Up Effects on Fenestration Products

Standard: AAMA 1506 – Voluntary Test Method for Laboratory Build-Up Effects on Fenestration Products

Scope: This test can be used on both residential and commercial fenestration products, but is geared towards painted or colored vinyl products.

Applicable Products: Windows, Doors and Curtain Walls

Test Procedure: This test utilizes an insulated thermal conditioning chamber with center partitioning wall for sample installation and temperature controls on both sides. Once the specimen is installed into the environmental conditioning chamber, temperature sensors are applied at predetermined locations.

The one compartment is maintained at ambient temperature of 24oC (75oF) and the other is cycled from 24oC (75oF) to 82oC (180oF) over a 7 hour period.

The conditioning cycle is repeated for 6 cycles or as specified by the test specifier.

End Result: The specimen is characterized by measuring the length and flatness of the uninstalled product along head, sill and jambs both before and after completion of the cycling program. The product dimensional change is determined. A plot of one cycle is provided illustrating the temperatures measured during testing.

Special Notes: This standard is used by manufacturers to understand and compare the heat build-up of product color variations to address what environments the product can be sold. This method does not correlate to a specific exposure duration or product life cycle.


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