Making Laser Scan Data Available Online - Part 2

Laser scanning pointcloud data - at your fingertips.

05 February 2016

Latest Features (HTML5, embedded models and hyperlinks)

Newer features have enabled models, produced from the more expensive point cloud software, to be pushed through to the online viewer. This allows users to view the model they may have commissioned in relation to the pointcloud thus confirming it meets requirements.  In LFM’s NetView you can even select a component within the model and obtain its information such as the type of steel or pipe.

LFM NetView showing pipe info from selected pipe

Other new features include the ability to add hyperlinks within the data. Users can now embed GA’s (General Assembly Drawings) or drawings directly into the data to add extra information to a particular part or object. Adding this extra intelligence makes these applications a great asset management tool.

Embedding hyperlinks into the online data

With the emergence of HTML 5 technology in all the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox) it is now possible to view these datasets online without any plug-in and across many more platforms. The latest incarnations of LFM NetView & Leica TruView will run on just about any platform, Android and Apple included. This will no doubt make the data even more usable and widespread. Now anyone with a smartphone or a tablet can access and view the information. Think of a piping engineer visiting a site. He / she can now have a virtual model of the site in their pocket to help locate specific parts or make notes as they go.

LFM NetView running on a tablet

Cloud storage options

Just as with many other industries moving to the ‘cloud’ for storage, the laser scanning vendors are now offering online storage solutions for companies who want to outsource the storage of these files. Secure, encrypted storage is available for an annual fee.

Intertek is a global leader in 3D laser scanning and offers a wide range of scanning deliverables including those available through LFM NetView and Leica TruView.

Stuart has been working in precise surveying, laser scanning and metrology for over 10 years in Australia, SE Asia and Africa. He has started-up the Australian operations for Intertek increasing our global reach to this region. Intertek Surveying Services (formerly Hi-Cad) are a global leader in dimensional control and laser scanning.