ZDHC Chemical Management Course

Training Program – Intertek Academy

As an accredited training provider of ZDHC, Intertek is going to organize two days training on introduction to chemical management based on our global practical experience and know how focusing on chemical management for Apparel and footwear industry. The training will provide insights into the practical issues faced by the manufacturers along with the possible action plans that will help the participants to understand and implement chemical management systems at their facilities. Also the training will help to gain knowledge on Environmental Impact Mitigation Measures, Wastewater Treatment and Monitoring.

This course is aimed at Factory managers and personnel responsible for dyeing, printing, chemical purchase, ETP, EHS, quality assurance and sustainability working at the wet processing facilities (such as dye house, printing, laundries and tanneries) or those working in the textile and footwear industry in a similar capacity.

Benefits of the Training:

  • Concept about the characteristics and harmful effects of hazardous chemicals used in textiles
  • General guidance on chemical management (including use, storage, transfer, treatment and disposal)
  • Recommendations on how to establish an effective chemical management system
  • Detailed information on hazards & chemical risks

ZDHC MRSL, Functions and Best practices of SDS, Chemical Labelling and Chemical Risk Communication.

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