Electric Motor Cooling Development Testing

Enhance the performance and cooling of your electric motor with Intertek’s eMotor cooling development

The development of electric vehicle (EV) motor and related drivetrain components is rapidly increasing, with OEMs focusing on delivering enhanced performance and efficiencies through innovative new products and test methods.

Intertek’s in-house experts have designed and built a custom e-Motor cooling development rig, enabling manufacturers to test and optimize the performance and cooling of their motors and lubricant products. This bespoke rig supports the development of e-Motor lubricants and can conduct tests at a wide range of temperatures and flow velocities. Our rig can help you:

  • Reduce e-Motor losses to improve efficiency and vehicle range
  • Improve e-Motor cooling to reduce the need for motor de-rating at high load
  • Develop improved fluids to better meet the changing needs of the automotive industry

Our Milton Keynes based testing facilities can also support manufacturers and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers with a diverse portfolio of bespoke testing solutions and capabilities:

Our Electric Vehicle Fluid Testing Capabilities:


- Motor rotational loss (no fluid): Evaluation of rotational loss without incurring on windage effect. Possibility to test different bearing types and models

- Rotor windage loss (no fluid): Possibility to quantify losses due to windage, through comparison of results between this test and Motor Rotational Loss Measurement

- Motor cooling fluid viscous loss: Comparison of drag torques using different fluids, at different temperatures, at different flow rates and at different tilt angles

- Stator heat transfer to cooling fluid: Fluid cooling capability can be measured at different speeds, temperatures and flow rates, providing the cooling efficiency profile for each test fluid

Motor mounting and tilt specifications

- Modular design, flexible mounting options available to suit a wide range of motor units

- Test samples can be tilted in a single axis to ±45°. Multiple axis movement available upon customer demand

Drive system

- Drive is provided by a 7.5kW (10HP) 2 Pole AC Induction Motor

- Drive is transmitted to the precision balanced flywheel assembly through a one way clutch drive, preventing any torsional oscillations being transmitted to the ‘Phase Shift Torque Meter’

- Maximum continuous speed = 10,000 rpm (max intermittent speed = 12,000 rpm). Variable speed option available upon customer demand

Torque measurement

- Torque is measured by an optical ‘Phase Shift Torque Meter’

- Several driven torque limits available to suit all customer needs. Current beam maximum drive torque of 10Nm and was designed for an intended operational limit of 0 to 6Nm

- Torque measurement accuracy: 0.03Nm

- High precision speed measurement through a high speed (20Mhz) thermally stabilized counter, delivering an accuracy of 1rpm in 15,000rpm, 6 times per rev (11ppm)

Temperature and pressure measurement

- 14 Off K Type Temperature Channels

- 10 Off high precision pressure measurement channels

- All temperature & pressure channels are synchronously recorded by the logging software at 2Hz

Fluid conditioning

- Fluid Temperature control

- Oil Flow Rate control

- Scavenge pump to evacuate oil from motor unit under test

Additional specifications

- Temperature Range = Ambient to 120°C

- Max Flow Rate = 15 l/min. Measurement resolution: 0.05 l/min


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