Webinar: Managing Questionable Supply Chains


Webinar: Managing Questionable Supply Chains

Recalls are costing businesses billions of dollars annually, and manufacturers simply cannot afford to gamble with quality control. How tightly controlled is your supply chain? Could there be a weak link you're not aware of? What is the risk to your company's bottom line and reputation?

Watch Intertek's recorded webinar to learn how a combination of supplier audits, design and product validation, and field inspections can help strengthen your supply chain and mitigate risk. A panel of Intertek experts will introduce you to solutions that can be tailored to the level of investment you want to make and the level of confidence you need to have.

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NOTE: This webinar is intended for expansion of knowledge only, and is not Intertek's endorsement or recommendation of particular methods. Completion of a webinar does not indicate Intertek or third-party qualification.