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In almost all international motorsport competitions, Intertek tests the fuel used during the racing.

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fuelling fairer motorsport

In the same spirit as testing athletes in international competitions, Intertek helps ensure the fuel remains fair and is safe for all racing teams.

On track

Trained personnel conduct 'on-track' fuel sampling and analysis using mobile laboratories which can be sent anywhere in the world, where on-site race fuel testing is required. Race fuel samples may also be taken on-site and shipped to Intertek for later testing.

putting fuel in pole position

Intertek fuel experts will take "fingerprints" of race fuel samples using state-of-the-art instrumentation, and compare them to reference fuels. Any out-of-specification fuel results are reported immediately. A typical fuel test may take 15 minutes to run.

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Intertek's automotive expertise covers far more than just racing vehicles.

From headlights to mufflers, chassis to interiors and everything in between, we provide professional automotive testing and certification services to manufacturers and OEMs, helping their vehicles stand out from the crowd, while making drivers safer on the road.

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