air force one
take off

Intertek helps to assure the fuel inside the Air Force One is fit for flight before take-off.

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break­through in bio fuel

lntertek also tested the aviation fuel used during the historic biofuel powered single engine propeller flight, across the Atlantic from Canada to Germany. This was the first transatlantic single engine flight to use biofuels, helping to demonstrate the viability of using biofuels for long-haul aviation.

Intertek provided testing and consultancy services during the fuel development phase as well as during the journey, ensuring the alternative fuel was safe and met critical aviation fuel standards and specifications.


The innovative biofuel flight departed Toronto, Canada on August 13, 2010 with refuelling stops in Greenland, Iceland and Scotland before landing on August 21st at the German airfield Nordhorn-Lingen, near the Dutch-German border.

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