AS9100D Internal Auditor Course - North America

Take the first step toward becoming an AS9100 Authenticated Auditor. Become familiar with the new requirements of AS9100D and the differences between AS9100 Rev D and AS9100 Rev C.

Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $1395 USD | CEUs: 2.3

This 3-day hands-on course is intended for individuals who want to develop their skills to support their organization’s AS9100 systems through internal audits. It is based on the current Aviation, Space and Defense requirements of AS9100 Rev D and AS9101 Rev F. Workshop and case study activity will focus on the auditing techniques as referenced by ISO 19011:2011 and AS9101F. This highly participative course provides comprehensive instruction on auditing aerospace quality management systems (AQMS) and follows the basic process of an internal audit of an aerospace manufacturing facility, from audit preparation and completion through the corrective action process. A fourth day audit lab is recommended to apply learned theories to a practical environment (on-site sessions only).

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Upon successful completion of this course:

Participants will be provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, conduct, report on, and lead internal audits of Aerospace Quality Management Systems (AQMS) with a focus on AS9100D

Have an understanding of the planning requirements for the preparation and execution of the audit process in line with AS9101 Rev F

Evaluate the impact of audit findings on the organization’s customers, products and services

Use the internal audit program as a continual improvement tool

Be equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to become competent auditors
Internal audit program managers

Quality professionals

Management representatives

Line managers

Anyone who will perform internal audits

Companies seeking AS9100 certification

Companies that recognize the value of operating a controlled quality management system
This course covers the following content:

Detailed discussion of AS9100D and the objective evidence needed to show conformity to the requirements

Identifying key activities for performing a successful audit

Planning aerospace internal audits

Developing effective auditing techniques

Developing and practicing skills to accomplish process audits

Ensuring that internal audits are a value-added activity

Evaluating the significance of audit findings

Improving communication skills for the presentation of audit findings

Reporting the findings and evaluations

Developing and implementing corrective action programs

Understanding audit guidance provided by AS9101F
The course contains the following sessions:

Quality Management Systems

AS9100 Requirements

Documented Information

Auditing Management Systems

Auditor Competence

Performing the Audit: Part 1 – Planning

Performing the Audit: Part 2 – Conducting the Audit Activities

Performing the Audit: Part 3 – Concluding the Audit

Internal Auditing for Improvement
On completion all students will receive a Certificate of Attendance
To gain maximum benefit from this course, attendees should already be familiar with the AS9100 Rev C standard