Our Ever Better Approach to Sustainability

Meeting our own standards

In 2019 we launched Total Sustainability Assurance (TSA) - an audit and certification programme based around our 10 TSA Corporate Certification standards that we believe define what it means to be a truly sustainable corporation, end-to-end. We hold ourselves to the same high standards to which we certify our clients and use our 10 TSA Standards as our reporting framework, to demonstrate actionable, comparable, consistent and reliable disclosures.

Non-financial highlights

We measure our success by tracking both non-financial and financial key performance indicators that reflect our strategic priorities. This year, we have also reviewed the sustainability areas that are most material and relevant to our stakeholders and we have set ourselves targets in those areas that are aligned to our corporate strategy:


Total Recordable Incident Rate (‘TRIR’)1

0.4 (2019: 0.61)
Target: TRIR below 0.5


Average number of NPS interview per month

6,000 (2019: 7,000)
Target: At least 6,000 NPS interviews per month.


Voluntary permanent employee turnover rate

8.7 (2019: 13.8)


Employee engagement score

89% Target: Voluntary permanent turnover rate below 15% and increase our Group Engagement Index score to 90%


Operational emissions intensity ratio2

4.34 (2019: 4.5)
Committed to setting science-based targets aligned to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5˚ C and reach net zero by 2050





Gender balance – women in senior management roles

23.3% (2019: 20.7%)
Target: Increase the proportion of women in senior leadership roles to 30% by 2025


Training completion

96% (2019: 94%)
Target: 100% completion of our annual compliance training by eligible employees
  1. TRIR per 200,000 hours worked

  2. CO2te per employee based on average employees over the reporting period


To find out more about our Non-Financial KPI’s and why we measure them see our Annual Report

Our Ever Better journey to Total Sustainability

Quality & Safety
The principles of quality and safety, part of Intertek’s purpose and operations, are cornerstones of sustainability and sit at the heart of the support Intertek has provided to clients for over 100 years.
At Intertek we bring quality, safety and sustainability together through the management system requirements of Operations, Products & Services, Supply Chain and Innovation.
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People & Culture
Intertek’s first corporate goal is to have fully engaged employees working in a safe environment.
We truly value our people. We embrace diversity, inclusion and equality, and our success is based on a culture of trust among colleagues globally.
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Our global business spans more than 100 countries and, as such, we understand the huge opportunity and responsibility we have to make a positive and lasting impact on our local communities where we work.
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As a sustainable organisation, Intertek embeds responsibility across the entire organisation to build an accountable and diverse governance structure, in addition to transparent stakeholder engagement.
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Risk Management
We build resilience through systemic risk management.
This helps assure a strong culture of risk-based business management guided by sustainability objectives, including understanding and managing our supply chain partner risks.
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We continue to develop a best practice compliance programme to ensure Intertek operates with the highest standards of compliance and ethical business practices, including through our supply chain partners.
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At Intertek we have a holistic approach to financial planning and execution, supported by rigorous internal policies and procedures which are reviewed and updated regularly. Our global process documents are applicable to all Finance functions across the Group.
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All of us have a responsibility to protect the future of the planet. At Intertek, we look to understand our organisation’s impacts on the environment and mitigate them in regard to climate change, use of resources, ecosystems, and waste management and reduction.
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Enterprise Security
The importance of ensuring the security of our data and IT systems is paramount, as are the continual actions required to protect against ongoing threats. Intertek has robust measures in place to protect its people, processes and data.
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Communications & Disclosures
Engagement with our shareholders and wider stakeholder groups plays a key role throughout our global business, including at Board level. It helps us to understand the impact of our decisions on stakeholders, and provides insight into their needs and concerns. It underpins good governance, which is embedded throughout our business.
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