Our Ever Better Approach to Sustainability

At Intertek, we are focused on sustainability excellence in every operation, and as a purpose-led organisation we hold ourselves to the same ten Corporate Sustainability Certification standards to which we certify our clients.

We believe that 'Doing Business the Right Way' with a systemic approach is the only way to deliver our corporate goals and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our 'Ever Better' systemic approach is based on the Total Sustainability Assurance Standards, which provide the definition of what it means to be a sustainable company, end-to-end. We recognise the importance of determining and prioritising the key sustainability topics relevant to the business and our stakeholders and develop our focus areas through ongoing engagement. Processes and procedures are implemented and we report progress through this report, our website and through continued engagement with our stakeholders.

This dynamic 'Ever Better' systemic approach provides valuable insights which in turn enable us to align our sustainability initiatives and prioritise our focus areas.

Non-financial Highlights

We measure our success by tracking both non-financial key performance indicators that reflect our strategic priorities.


Total Recordable Incident Rate (‘TRIR’)1

0.51 (2020: 0.40)
Target: TRIR below 0.5 per 200,000 hours worked


Average number of NPS interview per month

6,000 (2020: 6,000)
Target: At least 6,000 NPS interviews per month.


Voluntary permanent employee turnover rate

13% (2020: 8.7%)
Target: <15%


ATIC engagement index score

79.9% (2020: 89%)
Target: 90%


Operational emissions intensity ratio CO2 per employee2 (market-based)

4.35 (2020: 4.34)
Target: Recognising the importance of bold ambitions, we are setting targets to improve environmental performance across our operations, and to clearly demonstrate our commitment we are aligning our business with the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and reach net zero by 2050.


Percentage of women in senior management roles

23% (2020: 23.3%)
Target: 30% by 2025


Completion of annual compliance training by eligible employees

94% (2020: 96%)
Target: 100% of eligible employees
  1. TRIR per 200,000 hours worked

  2. CO2te per employee based on average employees over the reporting period


To find out more about our Non-Financial KPI’s and why we measure them see the Intertek 2021 Annual Report