Supporting Our Local Communities - Case Studies

Caring Company Recognition

Intertek Hong Kong has been continuously recognised as a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and this year is the 6th consecutive year that we received this acclaim. Partnering with Hong Kong Red Cross, Intertek Hong Kong has cultivated good corporate social responsibility through cross-sectoral activities and exchanges, developing community projects that address the needs of the local community. In 2017, Intertek Hong Kong organised and carried out a number of community activities including:

  • Blood Donation Day which involved more than 80 Intertek colleagues donating blood to the Hong Kong Red Cross; Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit in October 2017 by our Intertek Volunteer Team, during which festival food and supplies were provided for elderly people;
  • Participated in charity fund-raising at the Hong Kong Red Cross Carnival; and
  • Participating in other environmental protection initiatives and programmes locally

CSR Gazette

In China, we issue a bi-monthly CSR Gazette. The CSR Gazette is a corporate social responsibility newsletter covering updates on laws, regulations and national standards of China relating to CSR auditing on labour, health and safety, environmental protection and business practice. With our Sustainability value proposition and experience in CSR auditing, Intertek is well placed to provide relevant and timely updates to its customers, as they look to implement improved practices in their own operations.

The intended audience for the newsletter includes Facility Managers, EH&S (Environment, Health and Safety) Managers, CSR Managers and Internal Auditors that engage in supply chain management in China, as well as vendors, buyers, or associations who are focused on supplier management in China or outside China, especially in the US and EU/UK. The newsletter contributes to promoting sustainable employment and decent work, and raising awareness of the issues regarding forced labour/modern slavery/human trafficking/ child labour

School Supply Santa

School Supply Santa is a community programme in Michigan, US, that provides students in need with a backpack filled with school related items such as notebooks, markers, pens, and folders to ensure they start the school year out on the right foot with everything they need to grow and learn.

Being aware of this programme, the Intertek Grand Rapids Health & Wellness Committee and Events & Communications Committees teamed up to lead the efforts to all employees across all divisions. Intertek Grand Rapids became a corporate partner of School Supply Santa and received a list of supplies that were needed in their local districts. The committee members created posters, sent emails, and leveraged operations managers to rally employees and communicate the efforts. Following the communications, employees donated supplies and filled collection boxes at Intertek Grand Rapids. Together, they collected 15 backpacks and hundreds of other requested supplies.

The recipients of these supplies are part of the free lunch programme from 20 different schools covering 8 districts in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Thanks to the combined efforts of all donations, more than 100 students were helped through the programme this year.

Transportation Donations

During 2017, Intertek’s Transportation Technologies Business donated automobile parts to the National Auto Body Council to support their Recycled Rides programme. Recycled Rides is a unique programme in the US, in which insurers, collision repairers, paint suppliers, parts vendors and others collaborate to repair and donate vehicles to deserving individuals and service organisations in local communities throughout the country. Over 1,000 vehicles have been donated through the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides programme since its inception in 2007.

In addition, the Transportation Technologies business also donated parts to technical schools to support education.

Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Hurricane Maria was regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico and Dominica. The tenth most intense Atlantic hurricane on record and the most intense tropical cyclone worldwide of 2017. As the hurricane hit, our employees in our Houston offices, having just recently suffered from Hurricane Harvey themselves, wanted to assist their fellow colleagues in Puerto Rico.

The team rallied together and made arrangements to secure a container for supplies in the Houston area. An email was sent out to Houston area employees to donate water and nonperishable foods and request for volunteers to help pack the donations. The team were able to fill a large trailer and flatbed truck. The supplies were packed into the container, where it left via truck to Miami. One of our employees volunteered to work from our Florida location, to ensure secure passage of the container to Puerto Rico. On arrival in Puerto Rico the supplies were distributed to our employees.

During 2017, Intertek USA donated $25,000 to the hurricane disaster relief efforts, in addition to employee contributions, as well as providing the much-needed support and assistance to employees and customers.

Extending a Helping Hand to Flood Victims in Bangladesh

Geographically, Bangladesh is in a delta of the three major rivers: Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna — commonly known as the GBM basin. In the recent past, we have observed major floods in Bangladesh during the monsoon seasons of 1987, 1988, 1998, 2004, 2007, and 2016. However, in 2017, the peak water level crossed the highest recorded water levels in Brahmaputra, Teesta, Dharala, and Jamuneswari rivers.

The second spell of floods this year has affected nearly 7.5 million people, according to figures by the National Disaster Response Coordination Centre (NDRCC). Additionally, 10,583 hectares of land have been totally washed away, while another 600,587 hectares of farmland have been damaged.

To help people affected by the flooding, Intertek Bangladesh employees contributed to, and participated in, relief activities to help those affected by the devastating floods in Durgapur Union, Kalihati Upzila in Tangail District. Volunteer teams from Dhaka traveled from almost 150 kilometers away to the flood affected areas to distribute food, drinking water, cooking oil, candles and other essential items to support around 200 flood-affected families.

Supporting Flood Relief Efforts and Local Biodiversity Initiatives in Bangladesh, 2016

In Bangladesh, Intertek employees traveled to areas most affected by the seasonal flooding to support the relief effort. We distributed food, drinking water, money and other essential items to support around 255 families affected by the floods.

Sending Food Donations to Haiti in the Aftermath of the Hurricane Matthew, 2016

In the wake of hurricane Matthew, Intertek employees in Arlington Heights, USA, packed 1,700 meals to send to Haiti. Working with charitable organisations, this was an initiative that contributed to tackling the risk of hunger in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Providing Wheelchairs for Children with Disabilities in Mexico & Central America, 2016

In Mexico and Central America, executives assembled and tested wheelchairs for children with disabilities. The finished wheelchairs were presented to the children as a part of the regional annual management conference.

Supporting People with Mental and Physical Disabilities in Stuttgart, Germany, 2015

Intertek employees in Stuttgart, Germany took time away from their desks to support their local community by attending the annual summer party of Deacon Stetten, a state-owned organisation for assisted-living and permanent care of mentally and physically disabled people.

Raising Awareness and Money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2015

Intertek Sweden employees together spent a total of 12 hours on exercise bikes in a relay of spinning classes to raise awareness and money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. The event, called Spin of Hope, was run simultaneously at some 30 fitness centres across Sweden.

Helping Homeless People in Bangladesh to Keep Them Warm in Winter, 2015

Intertek Bangladesh took the initiative in helping homeless people during this year’s cold winter. Our volunteers helped to procure 200 blankets, 70 of which were distributed in Dhaka city areas and the rest sent to various other parts of the country such as North Bengal where the winter was particularly harsh.

Improving Nutrition for People Worldwide, 2014

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (‘GAIN’) was launched in 2002 to focus on finding and delivering solutions for the complex problem of malnutrition. Through food fortification and other strategies, GAIN delivers affordable nutritious foods to 811 million people in more than 40 countries and aims to reach 1 billion people by 2015. The GAIN Premix Facility (‘GPF’), founded in 2009, helps food fortification projects to access a more cost-effective way of procuring high quality vitamin and mineral premix. Intertek has been a key partner with GAIN since the launch of GPF, auditing potential blenders and suppliers and checking that they meet minimum standards. To ensure the premix contains the correct level of micronutrients to be of benefit to people’s health and to maintain quality throughout the supply chain, Intertek also assists with analytical services and checks samples from every order a customer places with the GPF. Globally, premix sourced by the GPF in partnership with Intertek has helped to improve the health of 150 million people over the past year.

Sponsoring an Initiative to Improve Artisan Communities in Rwanda, 2014

In Hong Kong, Intertek has been sponsoring the leading fashion brand Kate Spade & Company, on a programme that supports a group of more than 150 artisans in Masoro, Rwanda, whose skills have become the foundation of a new business that is reshaping the community’s quality of life. Intertek’s Centre of New Technology is providing its expert testing services to support this programme, on a pro bono basis, to help these artisans build a trusted, successful brand.

Supporting the Red Cross in Hong Kong, 2014

In Hong Kong, our people took part in many events throughout the year, including blood donations, charity fundraising, supporting the Ronald McDonald children’s care home, elderly care and youth development programmes. The Hong Kong Red Cross awarded Intertek with the ‘Caring Company’ logo for the third consecutive year in 2014. In India, Intertek commissioned a mural, created largely from recycled material, to adorn the wall of the main entrance to One Intertek House in New Delhi. The mural was created by a local village artisan through Art Kommune, a renowned art platform that supports artisans from all over the world.

Free Blood Sugar Tests for Over 400 Elderly People in Shanghai, China, 2013

Intertek’s Medical Diagnostic Testing Centre in Shanghai, China provided free blood sugar tests to more than 400 elderly people across five communities, enabling early detection of diabetes. The incidence rate of diabetes among adults in China is 9.7%, affecting nearly 10 million people.

Blood Donation Day in Support of the Red Cross in Hong Kong, 2013

In support of the Red Cross in Hong Kong, more than 100 Intertek employees gave blood on a donation day at Intertek’s Hong Kong office. Staff also took part in many community projects throughout the year, including visiting elderly residents in care homes, donating document storage facilities for the HK Society for the Blind and providing cleaning, toys and food for 23 families through the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Intertek Receives the Caring Company Award for Its Community Support in China, 2012

Intertek was presented with the Caring Company award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in recognition of its participation in initiatives such as volunteering, mentoring and partnership that build a strong caring community.

Taking Part in Projects for ‘habitat for Humanity’ in Cortland, Us, 2011

Intertek employees in Cortland, US took part in projects for Habitat for Humanity, a charity which strives to energise neighbourhoods and communities by repairing and building environmentally ‘green’ homes for those in need.

Fundraising Event for Water Aid in the UK, 2011

In the UK, staff from Intertek took part in fundraising event for WaterAid, an international non-governmental organisation that aims to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

Donating Over 900 Items to Four Care Homes for the Elderly in Singapore, 2011

In celebration of Singapore’s 46th year of independence, Intertek employees paid tribute to the elderly who have contributed selflessly to the early years of building their nation. Four care homes for the elderly were asked for a ‘wish list’ of items needed by their residents. In just 10 days, over 900 different items of daily necessities were collected from 500 Intertek employees.

Supporting the Institution for the Blind in Delhi, 2011

In India, Intertek employees celebrated Diwali (‘Festival of Lights’) with children at the Institution for the Blind in Delhi, giving sweets to the children and providing 200 blankets and sheets for the Institution.

Sending Donations to the Victims of the Devastating Earthquake in Eastern Turkey, 2011

Following the devastating earthquake in Eastern Turkey in October 2011, Intertek in Istanbul sent much needed clothing to people in the affected areas and Intertek employees also contributed by personally donating articles of clothing and blankets.

Volunteering at the Baytown Rodeo Theme Day for Children in Houston, US, 2010

Employees from our Houston, USA headquarters and our Technical Centre in Deer Park, USA worked as ‘Rodeo Buddies’ at the Baytown Special Rodeo western theme day held for local special needs and handicapped children. Thirty staff members assisted children and their families participating in games, hay rides, horse riding and more.

Taking Part in the New Moon Big Walk in Singapore to Raise Food for Those in Need, 2010

In August 2010 our Singapore team took part in the New Moon Big Walk. The walk is a community project organised to raise rice for needy families in the North East Community Development Council’s constituencies in Singapore. Seventy-five Intertek employees and their families took part.

Blood Donations in Support of the Red Cross in Hong Kong, 2010

Hong Kong’s Red Cross blood transfusion service recognised the long-term support for blood donation of staff at Intertek in Hong Kong with a special merit award in 2010.