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Cabling Products | ETL Verified Certificates of Conformance:


 Category 5e Cables: 
 4 x 24 AWG UTP Non-Plenum Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n ACT4P5EUxx3RByy 
 4-Pair, 24 AWG , UTP, CM Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n DCECAUTP4P3X 
 4-Pair, 24 AWG , UTP, CM Patch (stranded) Cable p/n DCEPCU 
 Category 5e Components: 
 Keystone Jack p/n ACTRJSM5ENSUWE 
 Shielded Keystone Jack p/n ACTRJSM5ENSS and ACTRJSM5ENSSP 
 Keystone Jack p/n RJ5E/88SMFCC WE 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTPC5EUBCMxxyy 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTPC5EUBCMxxyy 
 Patch Cord p/n DCEPCURJxx-yy 
 Patch Cord p/n  ACTPC5EUBCMxxyy 
 Connectors p/n RJ45SMA5Cxx, 30RJ45SMA5Cxx, 30RJ45SMA5SHCxx, RJ45SMA5SHCxx, 40RJ45SMA5Cxx, 40RJ45SMA5SHCxx, VDIB17365Uxx, VDIB17355Uxx, VDIB17335UWE and VDIB17395Uxx 
 Category 6 Cables: 
 4 x 23 AWG UTP Non-Plenum Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n ACT4P6UXX3RBYY 
 4 x 24 AWG UTP CM LSZH Non-Plenum Patch (Stranded) Cable p/n ACTPC6UBLS 
 4-Pair, 23 AWG , UTP, CM Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n DC6CAUTP4P3X 
 4-Pair, 24 AWG , UTP, CM Patch (stranded) Cable p/n DC6PCU 
 4-Pair, 24 AWG, U/UTP, CM Horizontal (solid) Cable p/n ACT4P6UCM3RBBU4 
 Category 6 Components: 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTC6110PC4PAx and ACTC6110PC4PBx 
 110 Block p/n ACTC6110WMWxx, ACTC6110BL4P, and ACTC6110RMxxP  
 Keystone Jack p/n VDIB17766UWE_S, VDIB17766UBU_S, VDIB17766URD_S, VDIB17766USG_S, VDIB17766UYL_S, VDIB17766UGR_S 
 Keystone Jack p/n RJ6/88SMFCC WE 
 Keystone Jack p/n ACTRJSMA6NSUxx 
 Shielded Jack p/n ACTRJSM6NSS and ACTRJSM6NSSP 
 Shielded Jack p/n ACTRJSMA6NSS 
 Patch Panel p/n ACTPPAU24NS 
 Shielded Patch Panel p/n ACTPPAS24NS 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTPC6UBCMxxyy 
 Patch Cord p/n DC6PCURJxx-yy 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTPC6UBCMxxyy 
 Patch Cord p/n ACTPC6UBCMxxyy 
 Keystone Jack (tool-less type) p/n DC6KTSTU-WT 
 Connectors p/n 30RJ45SMA6Cxx, 30RJ45SMA6SHCxx, RJ45SMA6Cxx, RJ45SMA6SHCxx, 40RJ45SMA6Cxx, 40RJ45SMA6SHCxx, VDIB17356Uxx, VDIB17336Uxx, VDIB17366Uxx, VDIB17346Uxx, VDIB17386Uxx and VDIB17396Uxx 
 Category 6A Cables: 
 4 x 23 AWG F/UTP Non-Plenum Riser Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n ACTTG4P 
 4 x 26 AWG F/UTP Non-Plenum Patch (Stranded) Cable p/n ACTPTG6AS 
 4 x 23 AWG UTP Non-Plenum Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n 2D4P6AIPV3R and ACTTG4P6AUXX3RYY 
 4 x 23 AWG UTP Non-Plenum Horizontal (Solid) Cable p/n ACTTG4P6ASLS3Rxx 
 4-Pair, 23 AWG , UTP, CM Horizontal Solid Bundled Cable p/n DCTCAUTP4P3X 
 4-Pair, 26 AWG , F/UTP, CM Patch (stranded) Cable p/n DCTPCU 
 Category 6A Components: 
 FTP (Shielded) RJ45 Patch Cord ACTPTG6AS 
 Keystone Jack p/n ACTRJSMA6ANSS 
 Patch Cord p/n DCTPCURJxx-yy 
 Connectors p/n 30RJ45SMA6ACxx, 30RJ45SMA6ASCxx, RJ45SMA6ACxx, RJ45SMA6ASCxx, 40RJ45SMA6ACxx, 40RJ45SMA6ASCxx, VDIB1736XUxx, VDIB1734XUxx and VDIB1738XUxx 



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