Ex12 Application Design Engineers

When designing an electrical installation for use in explosive atmospheres there is a requirement to consider the design, selection and erection of the overall system.

The Ex12 course is intended to give an in-depth awareness to the candidate with regard to explosive atmospheres formed by gases, vapours, mists and combustible dusts. It covers the application design and selection of electrical equipment, along with the requirements of IEC 60079-14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection, this includes but not limited to the selection of equipment, cabling and cable glands etc.

The course consists of classroom based theoretical training. There are a number of individual exercises and group exercises covering equipment selection, labelling, environmental conditions etc. The course also covers intrinsically safe systems and the necessary parameters required to ensure correct and safe installation is achieved.

Who should attend?

Electrical engineers including; maintenance engineers, project engineers etc.


  • Legislation
  • Standards and certification process EN / IEC Ex
  • Explosive atmospheres
  • Area Classification (overview)
  • Ingress Protection
  • ATEX 94/9/EC - Equipment and equipment marking
  • Equipment Protection levels
  • Detailed design and Installation Practices (Electrical and I.S, concepts) in accordance with IEC 60079-14
  • Documentation
  • A review of a selection of electrical and I.S. equipment and systems