Ease of Use: Appliances

How does a consumer interact with a product? Whether you are developing or buying a product, Ease of Use is fast becoming the most critical element to reducing returns and building brand perception.

This course is designed to; firstly, address all the reasons why Ease of Use should become part of the critical path in product development or product selection and, secondly, the various methods which can be used along with the factors which should be considered whilst using them.

The course is aimed at giving you the tools to recognise that there are differences between each users' needs and different design features will either be a benefit or a hindrance.

You should leave the course with a raised awareness of why Ease of Use is important, the various ways it can be addressed and how a trained Ergonomist can support you.

Who should attend?

Buyers from retailers, manufacturers and design departments within manufacturers and marketing agencies dealing with manufacturer claims.


  • Importance of Ease of Use
  • Understanding Ergonomics
    • An aging population
  • Methods of assessment for Ease of Use
  • Practical exercises