Lubricant and Wax Processing Pilot Plants

Lube and wax pilot plant process facilities.

Intertek pilot plants can produce Group I, II and III lubricants. Intertek Pilot Plant Services provides expertise, equipment and technical capabilities to evaluate and demonstrate the full range of lube oil and wax processing alternatives. Studies may begin with samples of crude oil to identify the quantity and quality of lube oil and wax feedstock contained in a crude. The pilot plants can evaluate extraction, dewaxing and hydroprocessing with small quantities of feedstocks to assess product quality and yields.

Subsequent projects can optimize and demonstrate the processing requirements on continuous pilot units. Intertek Pilot Plant Services can produce large samples for customer lube oil and wax product quality evaluation and formulation studies.

Lubricant and waxes processing:

Petroleum refineries process crude oils to produce, among other products, base oils and petroleum waxes. Processing issues include:

  • Lubricant base oil distillation
  • Base oil deasphalting
  • Solvent refining of base oils
  • Lubricant base oil hydrogen refining
  • Solvent extraction with NMP or Furfural 
  • Solvent dewaxing with methyl ethyl ketone (batch or continuous)
  • Wax de-oiling
  • Base oil finishing
  • Oil recycling
  • Hydrocracking
  • Catalytic dewaxing 


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