Hydroprocessing Pilot Plants

Hydroprocessing pilot plants are modified to suit client needs with hydrogenation, hydrocracking and hydrotreating processes.

Intertek Pilot Plant Services offers different scales of fixed-bed catalyst hydroprocessing pilot plants, all of which can be modified to suit client needs.

Petroleum refinery hydroprocessing pilot plant options:  

  • Units P63 and P67 are adiabatic, commercial-type units including the four bed first reactor with interbed H2 quench and with the optional single bed second reactor.  Over five liters of catalyst capacity can be achieved in each unit.  Both units have the capability to provide gas and/or liquid recycle operations. Product recovery can include two atmospheric towers, one pressure tower and two vacuum towers.
  • Units P84, P85, P86, P87, and P88 are utilized for isothermal precision studies with a maximum single reactor catalyst bed capacity of 434 cc's.  Maximum feed rates of about 800 cc/hr and up to 1000°F.  Additional reactors in series and multiple atmospheric tower configurations are possible on selected units.
  • Units P106-109 and P110-113 catalyst screening units operate isothermally with four reactors housed in a common alumina heater block.  Maximum catalyst bed capacity is 128 cc's with a maximum feed rate of 300 cc / hr and 800°F. 
  • The fixed-bed catalytic hydroprocessing pilot plants can operate up to a maximum pressure of 3,250 psig.

Typical hydroprocessing programs include the following process types:

  • Reforming / Isomerization
  • Naphtha and Distillate Desulfurization
  • Aromatics Saturation
  • Deoxygenation / Isomerization of plant oils
  • Fuels Hydrocracking
  • Lube Hydrocracking
  • Catalysts Dewaxing / Wax Hydroprocessing
  • HP Hydrofinishing / Hydrogenation
  • White Oil / FDA Wax Hydroprocessing
  • ATB / VTB Resid Hydroprocessing
  • Chemicals Processing Applications
  • Fisher-Tropsch Processing and Upgrading
  • Non-Hydroprocessing Applications
  • and more


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