Batch Reactor Pilot Plant Services

Pilot plant batch reactors for evaluation of fixed-bed catalysts.

R&D efforts of new catalytic processes requires rapid, initial screening to identify leads that can then be explored for further development. Pilot plant batch reactors provide this capability.

Intertek Pilot Plant Services offers batch reactor pilot plant capabilities that are directed to the evaluation of fixed-bed catalysts. Pilot plants vary according to reactor volume ranging from 128 cc to 17 liter or to whether they operate isothermally or adiabatically. Fixed-bed catalyst testing requires the catalyst to be in extrudate or pelletized form, typically in combination with a binder. Furthermore, sufficient catalyst must be available for testing in these pilot plants. 

The catalysts used in these initial evaluations of new catalytic processes may not yet be available in commercial form, such as extrudates or spray dried particles. Furthermore, the reactor types to be used in commercial operation, e.g. fixed-bed, ebullated-bed slurry reactors, may not yet have been selected. Thus, rapid and confidential testing of new concepts in process or catalyst development is crucial.

If there is not enough catalyst or feedstock are available for standard evaluations, Intertek has batch reactor autoclaves of 0.5, 1.0 and 3.785 liters in capacity. The autoclaves are equipped with heaters and stirrers. The liquid feedstock is charged to the autoclave either at ambient temperature or at elevated temperature in case it is solid at ambient temperature.

The batch reactor autoclave pilot plants can be operated in two modes:  

  • Batch mode with H2, used only to maintain pressure.  
  • Semi-batch mode with H2 flow-through, consumed H2 is replaced and gas products are removed from the autoclave. A research valve is used to control the operating pressure. The off gas can be analyzed by an on-line process gas chromatograph. H2 can be delivered either into the bottom section of the autoclave directly into the liquid or into the vapor space above the liquid. 

In the evaluation of new catalysts or processes, identification of the compounds in the products is essential to be able to capitalize on selectivity differences. Intertek Pilot Plant Services is supported by its sister Intertek analytical laboratories with their substantial portfolio of analytical techniques which can meet most of the required analysis.

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