BIFMA LEVEL Certificates

View list of LEVEL certified furniture from BIFMA e3 standard compliance.

ManufacturerProduct NamesCategoryConformance CategoryCertificate NumberCertificate Expiry Date
9 to 5 SeatingSeating: Classroom: Bell

Seating: Guest / Side: Link, Shuttle, Shuttle Mesh and Zoom;

Seating: Executive: Acclaim, Axis, Bristol, Cayman, Cortina, Cydia Mesh and Upholstered, Diddy, Mila, Sol, and Vesta
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000697R005/03/2021
9 to 5 SeatingSeating: Lounge: Lilly and Sophie

Seating: Stacking: Bella, Bella Mesh, Indy, Kelley, and Mimi

Seating: Task: Agent, Aria, Brio, Core, Cosmo Mesh and Upholstered, Logic, Luna, Neo, Strata, Strata Lite, Theory, & Vault

Tables: Sophie Tables
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000698R005/03/2021
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Assemble, Assemble Reveal, Axil, Burelé, E2X, Eclipse, Ellora, Glenbeigh, Hemisphere, Interport, M2X, M3X, M4X, Mho, Mho2, Mini-Port, MiniTap, Moiré, MS2, Nacre, Node, Ohm, Pepper, Power Data Center, Power Sphere, Quadtap, Retractable P.C., Salt, Sphere, Willow, and Wonderbar.Worksurface Power / Data ModuleLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000666R205/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Drop Share, Grommets, Hitch, Interlink, Level, and RialtoPower Distribution Management SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000667R205/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.LevityWorksurface Power / Data / Lighting ModuleLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000668R205/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.CambioInternational Power / Data ModulesLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000669R205/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Dean and DotWorksurface Power / Data ModuleLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000693R205/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Worksurface Power / Data Module for Product’s: Hitch, HQ, HQ2, Ellora Qi, and Nightcap

Power Distribution Management Systems for Product Description: 4-Trac, 8-Trac, and Phase 3
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000694R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Garcia, Kari, Tully, and VestaWorksurface Power / Data ModuleLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000700R005/19/2019
CompaticoAO1 / AO2, CMW / CV, and Genesis (G2)Panels and SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000565R304/11/2019
Dauphin North AmericaTable: Conference / Meeting: Konstrux

Tables: Occasional: Ambit, Axium, Entice, and Tiffany
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000681R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSystems: Desking, Benching and Panels: Atelier, Atelier 2, Hiline, Junxion, and Konstrux

Systems: Casegoods and Storage: Blend and Konstrux
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000682R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Guest / Side: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Highway, Join Me, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Siamo, Stilo, Strata, Talli Side, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Stool: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Eddy, Fiore, Flexo, Jax, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Octave, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Tec Line, Teo, Vida, Visita, and X-Code
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000683R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Classroom: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Join Me, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Strata, Talli, and Teo

Seating: Nesting: Ace and Join Me

Seating: Stacking: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Siamo, Strata and Talli
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000684R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Beam: Eddy, Fiore, Logan, Lordo, Siamo, and Teo

Seating: Lounge: Single and Sofa: 4+, 4+ Relax, Aleta, Alterno, Aspetta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Bello, Bene Bobo, Bobo, Baby Bobo, Buster Bobo, Bux, City Club, Coty, Cubitt, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, Perillo, and Sidney
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000687R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference / Meeting: Bux, Eddy, Highway, Lucinta, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Riola, Siamo, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Executive: Lacinta, Lordo, and Luxo
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000688R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Task: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Flexo, Lacinta, Lordo Flex, Luxo, Magnum, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Tech Line, Vida, Viper and X-CodeLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000689R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference / Meeting and Executive: Signo

Seating: Lounge Stool and Task: Vida 2
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000701R012/14/2019
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncDavies Remanufactured Steelcase Panel Systems9000 Tackable / Acoustic Panels, Answer Panels, and Avenir Tackable / Acoustic PanelsLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000513R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncAO2 Acoustic / Tackable Fabric and Ethospace Frame / Tile Based PanelsDavies Remanufactured Herman Miller Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000515R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncPremise, Places, and Unigroup Acoustic FabricDavies Remanufactured Haworth Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000516R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc Morrison Acoustic Fabric PanelsDavies Remanufactured Knoll Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000519R209/18/2020
Indiana FurnitureAlita, Amery, Bow Tie, Brea, Breman, Britta, Charm, Cirka, Delphi, Elara, Felix, Gleem Halstead, Inspiration, Kennerly, Klarete, Larson, Marquee, Reminisce, Striations, Toby, Trift, Triple Play and ViveGuest / Side SeatingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000325R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAmery, Brea, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Joy, Kennerly, Larson, Marquee, Oscar, Reminisce, and SyntricTask SeatingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000327R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureBailey, Benton, Bliss, Carreta, Chat, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Marquee, and PortiaLounge SeatingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000330R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAmery, Bailey, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Kennerly, Larson, Oscar and ReminisceExecutive SeatingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000333R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAllegiance 1100 Series, Arlington 2900 Series, Aura Reception 6200, Cameo Reception 6100, Elevate 4000 Series, Encompass 5700 and 5900 Series, Etch / Gesso 6500 and 6700, Jefferson 4600 Series, Madera 1400 and 1600, Phoenix 2100, Revolution 4200 and Wilmington 3600 SeriesCasegoods / Reception Desks (Wood / Veneer)LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000334R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureNiche / Canvas and Resilience Conference Tables; One10 and Tri-One Training Modular Conference and Meeting Tables; Carreta, Resilience and Topsy Turvy Occasional TablesLaminate Conference / Training Tables and Occasional TablesLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000337R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureNiche / Canvas and Resilience CasegoodsLaminated CasegoodsLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000339R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureRelocatable walls: Square OneArchitectural ProductsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000699R012/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAura, Cameo, Etch/ Gesso, One10, and Tri-One Conference Tables; Britta, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Jot, Marquee, Resilience, and Topsy Turvy Occasional TablesConferencing Tables (Wood / Veneer) and Occasional TablesLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000340R312/10/2019
OMT Veyhl USA CorpTables: Bases, Classroom, Height Adjustable, Occasional, System and Training: Ascend, Bold, Clever, Conversion, Fast Crank, Irons, Simply-fast, Strive (Captiva) and Trapezoid.

Systems: Components: Standalone Wire Manager and Wallmount
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000696R003/14/2021
Trinity FurnitureExecutive Seating Hardwood: Classic, Langton, and Traditional

Executive Seating Plywood: Cilo, Conrad and Luci Guci
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000384R406/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureSeating Hardwood: Classic, Edge, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Traditional, and Quads

Lounge Seating Plywood: Facelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Fair and Square, Facelift1 Replay, Facelift Revival, Facelift Serpentine, and Swerve
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000388R406/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureGuest / Side Seating: Classic, Conrad, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift Evolve, Facelift1 Replay, Twist, Langton, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Steel, Traditional, and Zee

Occasional Tables: Classic, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Serpentine, Radcliffe Square, and Traditional
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000389R406/03/2020
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, OH, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, The Maker Bench, and ZuriSeating: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000560R101/30/2019
Versteelrattice, Curvare, Elements, Eliga, ODIS, Paces (Delta and Zeta), Parsons, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, The Maker Table, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkTables: Bases / Tops, Cafeteria / Café, Classroom, Conference (wood / non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000561R101/30/2019
VersteelEliga Cabinet Storage, Eliga Casegood Storage, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, Entourage Wallboard, Equip, Looksee, Whiteboard, Tabletop Lectern, and WorkplayAccessories: Presentation ProductsLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000562R101/30/2019
Via, Inc.Chico, Edge, Legola, and SiennaLounge / Motion SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000540R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Bergen, Carmel, Dyce, Essex, Heathrow, Linate, Oslo, Vero, and Voss (Upholstered)Executive SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000541R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.4U, Brisbane, Brisbane HD, Genie, Proform, Riva-Act II, Run II, Terra, and Voss (Mesh)Task SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000542R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Splash (Poly and Mesh), Sutro, Vista, Vista II, and ZeeGuest / Side SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000543R308/30/2018
Via, Inc.3Dee, Muvman, Oyo, Spec Stool, and SwooperBackless Stool/ Motion Task SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000544R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Legola PanelSystems FurnitureLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000545R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.SierraOutdoor Steel LoungeLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000680R108/30/2018
Via, Inc.TahoeOutdoor Steel Lounge SeatingLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000695R008/30/2018
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