BIFMA level Certificates

View list of level certified furniture from BIFMA e3 standard compliance.

ManufacturerProduct NamesCategoryConformance CategoryCertificate NumberCertificate Expiry Date
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Assemble, Assemble Reveal, Axil, Burelé, E2X, Eclipse, Ellora, Glenbeigh, Hemisphere, Interport, M2X, M3X, M4X, Mho, Mho2, Mini-Port, MiniTap, Moiré, MS2, Nacre, Node, Ohm, Pepper Power Module, Power Date Center, Power Sphere, Quadtap, Retractable P.C., Salt USB Power Module, Sphere, Willow, and Wonderbar.Worksurface Power / Data ModuleLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000666R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Drop Share, Grommets, Interlink, Level, and RialtoPower Distribution Management SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000667R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.LevityWorksurface Power / Data/ Lighting ModuleLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000668R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.CambioInternational Power / Data ModulesLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000669R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Dean and DotWorksurface Power / Data ModuleLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000693R105/19/2019
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Power Distribution Management Systems for Product Description: 4-Trac, 8-Trac, and Phase 3Worksurface Power / Data Module for Product’s: Hitch, HQ, HQ2, Ellora Qi, and NightcapLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000694R005/19/2019
CompaticoAO 1/ AO 2Panels and SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000563R204/11/2019
CompaticoCMW/ CVPanels and SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000564R204/11/2019
CompaticoGenesis (G2)Panels and SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000565R204/11/2019
Dauphin North AmericaTable: Conference / Meeting: Konstrux

Tables: Occasional: Ambit, Axium, Entice, and Tiffany
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000681R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSystems: Desking, Benching and Panels: Atelier, Atelier 2, Hiline, Junxion, and Konstrux

Systems: Casegoods and Storage: Blend and Konstrux
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000682R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Guest / Side: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Highway, Join Me, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Siamo, Stilo, Strata, Talli Side, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Stool: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Eddy, Fiore, Flexo, Jax, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Octave, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Tec Line, Teo, Vida, Visita, and X-Code
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000683R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Classroom: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Getti, Join Me, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Strata, Talli, and Teo

Seating: Nesting: Ace and Join Me

Seating: Stacking: Ace, Eddy, Fiore, Siamo, Strata and Talli
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000684R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Beam: Eddy, Fiore, Logan, Lordo, Siamo, and Teo

Seating: Lounge: Single and Sofa: 4+, 4+ Relax, Aleta, Alterno, Aspetta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Bello, Bene Bobo, Bobo, Baby Bobo, Buster Bobo, Bux, City Club, Coty, Cubitt, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, Perillo, and Sidney
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000687R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference / Meeting: Bux, Eddy, Highway, Lucinta, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Riola, Siamo, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Executive: Lacinta, Lordo, and Luxo
Level® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000688R112/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Task: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Flexo, Lacinta, Lordo Flex, Luxo, Magnum, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync, Sync II, Tech Line, Vida, Viper and X-CodeLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000689R112/14/2019
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncDavies Remanufactured Steelcase Panel Systems9000 Tackable / Acoustic Panels, Answer Panels, and Avenir Tackable / Acoustic PanelsLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000513R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncAO2 Acoustic / Tackable Fabric and Ethospace Frame / Tile Based PanelsDavies Remanufactured Herman Miller Panel SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000515R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncPremise, Places, and Unigroup Acoustic FabricDavies Remanufactured Haworth Panel SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000516R209/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc Morrison Acoustic Fabric PanelsDavies Remanufactured Knoll Panel SystemsLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000519R209/18/2020
Indiana FurnitureAlita, Amery, Bow Tie, Brea, Breman, Britta, Charm, Cirka, Delphi, Elara, Felix, Gleem Halstead, Inspiration, Kennerly, Klarete, Larson, Marquee, Reminisce, Striations, Toby, Trift, Triple Play and ViveGuest / Side SeatingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000325R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAmery, Brea, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Joy, Kennerly, Larson, Marquee, Oscar, Reminisce, and SyntricTask SeatingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000327R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureBailey, Benton, Bliss, Carreta, Chat, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Marquee, and PortiaLounge SeatingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000330R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAmery, Bailey, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Kennerly, Larson, Oscar and ReminisceExecutive SeatingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000333R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAllegiance 1100 Series, Arlington 2900 Series, Aura Reception 6200, Cameo Reception 6100, Elevate 4000 Series, Encompass 5700 and 5900 Series, Etch / Gesso 6500 and 6700, Jefferson 4600 Series, Madera 1400 and 1600, Phoenix 2100, Revolution 4200 and Wilmington 3600 SeriesCasegoods / Reception Desks (Wood / Veneer)Level® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000334R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureNiche / Canvas and Resilience Conference Tables; One10 and Tri-One Training Modular Conference and Meeting Tables; Carreta, Resilience and Topsy Turvy Occasional TablesLaminate Conference / Training Tables and Occasional TablesLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000337R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureNiche / Canvas and Resilience CasegoodsLaminated CasegoodsLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000339R312/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureAura, Cameo, Etch/ Gesso, One10, and Tri-One Conference Tables; Britta, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Jot, Marquee, Resilience, and Topsy Turvy Occasional TablesConferencing Tables (Wood / Veneer) and Occasional TablesLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000340R312/10/2019
Trinity FurnitureCilo, Conrad and Luci GuciExecutive Seating PlywoodLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000383R306/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureClassic, Langton, Traditional, and TransitionalExecutive Seating HardwoodLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000384R306/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureFacelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Fair and Square, Facelift1 Replay, Facelift Revival, and Facelift SerpentineLounge Seating PlywoodLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000388R306/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureClassic, Edge, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Transitional, Traditional, and QuadLounge Seating HardwoodLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000389R306/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureClassic, Conrad, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift Evolve, Facelift1 Replay, Twist, Langton, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Steel, Traditional, Transitional, and ZeeGuest / Side SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000670R206/03/2020
Trinity FurnitureClassic, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Serpentine, Radcliffe Square, Traditional, and TransitionalOccasional TablesLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000671R106/03/2020
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, OH, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, The Maker Bench, and ZuriSeating: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000560R101/30/2019
VersteelBrattice, Curvare, Elements, Eliga, ODIS, Paces (Delta and Zeta), Parsons, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, The Maker Table, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkTables: Bases / Tops, Cafeteria / Café, Classroom, Conference (wood / non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000561R101/30/2019
VersteelEliga Cabinet Storage, Eliga Casegood Storage, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, Entourage Wallboard, Equip, Looksee, Whiteboard, Tabletop Lectern, and WorkplayAccessories: Presentation ProductsLevel® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000562R101/30/2019
Via, Inc.Chico, Edge, Legola, and SiennaLounge / Motion SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000540R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Bergen, Carmel, Dyce, Essex, Heathrow, Linate, Oslo, Vero, and Voss (Upholstered)Executive SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000541R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.4U, Brisbane, Brisbane HD, Genie, Proform, Riva-Act II, Run II, Terra, and Voss (Mesh)Task SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000542R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Splash (Poly and Mesh), Sutro, Vista, Vista II, and ZeeGuest / Side SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000543R308/30/2018
Via, Inc.3Dee, Muvman, Oyo, Spec Stool, and SwooperBackless Stool/ Motion Task SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000544R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.Legola PanelSystems FurnitureLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000545R208/30/2018
Via, Inc.SierraOutdoor Steel LoungeLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000680R108/30/2018
Via, Inc.TahoeOutdoor Steel Lounge SeatingLevel® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000695R008/30/2018
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