New Zealand Environmental, Safety, Health Services

New Zealand occupational hygiene, health, safety, and environmental expertise and services.

Intertek New Zealand provides a wide range of occupational hygiene monitoring and consultancy, along with related environmental, safety, and health related services for our clients. These services reduce the risk of safety, health and regulatory problems, and are available in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Asbestos Testing:

  • Asbestos identification, air sampling, and fibre counting are offered, for environmental surveys of buildings and building sites. Asbestos testing includes AS-4964 (Qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples) and NOHSC-3003 (Volume measurement and respirable fibre counting membrane filter method for estimating airborne asbestos fibres sampling and counting).
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Workplace safety, hygiene, and environmental consulting and testing:

  • Workplace noise measurement, personal noise exposure, and construction & demolition noise monitoring.
  • Airborne Particulates, dust, and fumes measurement, including inhalable and respirable particulates. 
  • Solvents and vapours monitoring, including concentration and comparison to standards and guidelines.
  • Confined space monitoring, for toxic and asphyxiant gases, along with safety and risk assessments. 
  • Heat stress monitoring and assessment. 
  • Light illumination surveys for industry, office, indoor, and outdoor.
  • Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), specialist monitoring and consultancy for Sick building syndrome (SBS) and building-related illness (BRI), thermal comfort, moisture, and pollutants including chemical, physical and biological. 
  • Corrosion, primary assessment of corrosion damage or failure.
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Need help or have a question?

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