Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Staff: Kirt Phipps

Kirt Phipps, Manager- Toxicology Food & Nutrition Group

 Kirt Phipps is a well-rounded toxicologist, having previously trained and worked as a Study Director for a Contract Research Organisation over a range of reproductive, general toxicology and toxicokinetic studies, with pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and food ingredients. This experience, in addition to his academic training (in the areas of metabolism and excretion of xenobiotics, pharmacological and clinical aspects of toxicology, mechanisms of toxicity and carcinogenesis, and safety assessment in industry and environment), GLP laboratory experience (in academia and for a multinational pharmaceutical company) and work in the area of food contact compliance, provide him with a broad insight into various aspects of toxicology.

Since joining Intertek Scientific and Regulatory Consultancy in early 2016, Mr. Phipps has been actively involved with toxicology studies (sourcing, design, management, planning and monitoring) and interpretation of a variety of toxicological data, in addition to preparation of regulatory dossiers (for jurisdictions including the European Union and United States), product label reviews and scientific white papers.

Mr. Phipps received his Master’s in Toxicology and his Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Birmingham in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Mr. Phipps is an associate member of the Society of Toxicology and a member of the Royal Society of Biology.