10-Gram Tube Test

A comprehensive instrumentation system for 10 Gram Tube screening tests

The 10-Gram Tube data logging equipment - when used in conjunction with the Protected Laboratory Controller / Programmer and the Pressure Monitor Trip - offers a complete system for 10 Gram Tube screening tests. A full system would also include a 2-Kilowatt Thermal Stability Oven, oven hood, framework with counter weights and Carius Tubes.

The hardware is configured with a Carius Tube containing a sample substance suspended inside a vertical oven chamber (Thermal Stability Oven). The Carius Tube is connected to a pressure transducer via an oil filled tube such that the transducer is protected from the heat produced from the oven. The sample temperature is monitored via a thermocouple located at the base of the Carius Tube. The oven temperature control, monitoring and trip thermocouples are located on the surface of the ovens inner wall. 

In operation the whole apparatus is shielded from exploding Carius Tubes by a circular cowling, which can be raised or lowered via counterbalanced weights.

  • Exotherm screening tests
  • Uses 2KW thermal stability oven
  • Modular instruments can be used independently
  • Pressure and temperature trips for unattended use
  • PC based data acquisition included

Associated Instrumentation

Temperature Control: The rate of oven temperature rise is programmable and controlled by the M&C Laboratory Protected Controller. Over temperature trip facilities are an integral feature of the controller.

Pressure Monitoring: As the oven temperature rises, the pressure within the Carius tube may start to increase, this is monitored by the Pressure Trip Monitor Unit, via a transducer. An analogue output voltage proportional to the measured pressure is made available for logging purposes.

Data Acquisition: The system comprises of a DataScan acquisition module supporting eight thermocouple inputs, two of which are used for sample and oven temperature logging in this particular application. The DataScan module also supports up to 8 analogue inputs, one being used to log the pressure signal made available at the Pressure Monitor Unit. All data collected by the DataScan Module is transferred between the acquisition module and PC via a RS232 link.

Orchestrator Software: The DataScan module is supported by Orchestrator software. Orchestrator software is used to configure and calibrate individual Data Scan channels. Orchestrator provides data trending, printing and logging. Logged data uses comma separated variables (CSV) format ready for automatic input to Excel. Text data may be printed via text editors such as Notepad while graphs can be printed via the Orchestrator software.

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