Intelligent Pigging Pipeline Inspection Services

Intelligent pigging solutions for rapid and precise examination of pipeline structural integrity

The complexity of mandatory pipeline inspections, coupled with increased governmental regulations has led to the need for advanced inline inspection services. Pipeline operators need access to data that can assess signs of metal loss, internal or external corrosion and other physical defects in order to effectively mitigate risk and ensure safety.

Intertek’s China-based Intelligent Pigging Pipeline Inspection Services utilize tools known as intelligent pigs (or smart pigs) to assess the integrity of assets in a quick and non-intrusive manner. Smart pigs are intelligent pipeline inline inspection tools that examine the structural integrity of pipeline systems. An intelligent pig is a cylindrical device that is placed inside a pipeline to gather information on the quality of pipe. While the tool travels through the pipeline, technicians track the location of the pig using locators and catalogue important data on the condition of the pipe. The results of the intelligent pig’s findings help you determine anomalies and target areas that likely need to undergo further examination, repair or replacement.

Intertek’s smart pigs provide you with intelligent solutions for rapid and precise examination of pipelines. We offer both modern engineering methodologies and experienced teams to detect defects, quantify corrosion and determine wall thickness so that you can meet and exceed industry regulations and standards.

Intertek’s pipeline inline inspections locate:

  • Linear position of anomalies 
  • External and Internal metal loss anomalies
  • Dents and their size, length and depth 
  • Wall thickness changes
  • Length, width and burst pressure of metal loss anomalies

Intelligent Pigging Using Magnetic Flux Leakage

Intertek’s China-based Pipeline Inline Inspection team uses technologically advanced intelligent pigs made of titanium tool bodies and diamond inlayed tri-axial sensors that deliver quick and reliable data. Our intelligent pigs deploy Hall-effect sensors in the axial, radial and circumferential pipe axes. These tri-axial sensors record high-resolution mapping of flux leakage anomalies that are produced by metal loss and corrosion. 

Above Ground Marker System

During inline inspection campaigns, Intertek technicians strategically place above-ground-markers for optimal results. These markers are designed to record within just a few milliseconds the position and time of a passing intelligent pig. This data allows technicians to pinpoint exact locations that may need further analysis.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping 

Another way Intertek’s intelligent pigs retrieve data is through the sophisticated GIS mapping of pipelines. Intertek’s intelligent pigs capture and store spatial and geographical data that’s used to assess the relative risk scores for segments of a pipeline. These scores are used to develop risk mitigation and repair plans.

Inertial Mapping 

By measuring an intelligent pig’s movement in 3D, also known as inertial mapping, Intertek technicians assess if pipeline strain is due to natural damage or other external means. This 3D model of the pipeline’s centerline coordinates helps identify any significant curvature or bending and whether further investigation is required.

Data Analysis 

Our technicians provide feedback by selecting and prioritizing pipeline sections that need repair. They then advise scheduled maintenance and inspection planning to ensure the long term safe operation of the pipeline. Results of the inspection are loaded into a database that can be referenced to calculate corrosion rate throughout your asset’s life cycle. 

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