At the EBF 11th Open Symposium, discuss your bioanalysis challenges

During the 11th EBF Open Symposium, November 2018, Barcelona, Spain, meet with our bioanalysis experts to discuss how to overcome your bioanalysis challenges through innovative approaches

Some key current challenges facing the bioanalysis community include; evolving global regulations, immunogenicity strategies, applying new technologies, biomarker bioanalysis in regulated environments, the challenges of hybrid assays and coping with rare matrices. All of these topics will be covered at this year’s EBF Open Symposium, November, 2018, Barcelona, Spain.

EBF 11th Open Symposium Highlights

During the 11th EBF Open Symposium, Intertek Pharmaceutical Services will be presenting a poster at Booth B26
Comparison of Drug Tolerance and Sensitivity across different Anti-drug Antibody (ADA) Assay Formats
Authors: Anthony Upton, Laboratory Director Bioanalysis, Jeff Beauchaine, Team Leader, Immunoassays

Intertek experts will also co-facilitate Workshop 3 at 2pm Day 1 of the 11th EBF Open Symposium
WS 3: Exploratory Biomarker Validation. Contact for more information.

Our team of experts in both small molecule and large molecule bioanalysis will be on hand to discuss these bioanalytical topics and more during the conference and exhibition. Arrange a meeting with our scientists to learn the latest from our bioanalytical laboratories located in  Manchester, UK (GCP / GLP) and San Diego, USA (GLP) which have provided GLP-compliant services to global clients supporting their preclinical and clinical studies and immunogenicity assessment for over 20 years. Specialist capabilities include immunochemistry services, bioanalytical NMR for PEGylated drugs, LC-MS bioanalysis and trace metals bioanalysis using ICP-MS approaches.

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BROCHURE DOWNLOAD: Intertek Bioanalysis Services

WHITEPAPER DOWNLOAD: Bioanalytical Quantitative Determination Of Pegylated Species In Human Plasma By NMR

WHITEPAPER DOWNLOAD: Technologies to Measure Immunogenicity

Learn more about the EBF Open Symposium
The annual EBF Open Symposium provides an ideal forum for bioanalytical discussions in EU where all stakeholders working in the field of bioanalysis meet and engage in open discussions. Conference sessions and technical presentations contribute to the development of an open mind in bioanalysis with a focus on the latest challenges for both small molecule and large molecule bioanalysis.

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