Sample Handling and Management Services

Preclinical and clinical sample handling and management services aligned with client requirements for efficient bioanalytical programs integrated with bioanalysis laboratory services.

Sample Handling and Management
  • A quality support service designed specifically for each clinical or preclinical study and coordinated with our bioanalytical laboratory
  • Specializing in providing cold chain logistics, domestic and international, for samples from multi-site studies
  • Trained staff developing everything from study specific sampling manuals to detailed labels to ensure that FDA/GLP/OECD regulatory compliance is met
  • Services of exceptional quality at extremely competitive rates
  • Integrated with bioanalysis laboratory services

PK Laboratory Manual

The laboratory manual is specifically designed for each study protocol and includes all the instructions and documents required for notification, sampling, storage and shipment of samples from the collection site to the analytical site as follows:

  • Collection and processing of samples
  • Storage requirements
  • Sample shipment instructions

Shipping Materials

  • Shipping containers
  • DOT required labels
  • Packaging materials
  • Coordination and delivery of dry-ice
  • Coordination of shipping (both domestic and international)
  • Access to preferred logistics carriers

PK Sampling Kits

  • Sample collection tubes
  • Storage cryovials
  • Transfer pipettes
  • Study specific labels
  • Matrix collection sheets

Training and On-Call Support

Intertek provides staff training for sample handling and management, including the laboratory manual and kit preparation at each preclinical/clinical site.  If required, a 24-hour on-call service can also be provided at an additional hourly rate.  Please contact us for details.

Need help or have a question? +1 800 967 5352

Need help or have a question?

+1 800 967 5352
+44 161 721 5247