Bioanalytical LCMS Facilities and Equipment

High capacity LC-MS bioanalysis services for rapid sample analysis and turnaround for all phases of drug development supporting your global studies

Bioanalytical Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Laboratory Resources

Our bioanalytical LC-MS facilities and equipment form a key component of our custom-designed bioanalytical facility located in San Diego, California, USA and which include laboratory space, data production and offices.

Our LC-MS technologies include modern mass spectrometry instrumentation, a segregated sample login area dedicated to the receipt and unpacking of biological samples, a Rees Scientific e-Centron™ temperature monitoring with an alarm system for all freezers, refrigerators and selected ambient zones and a natural gas powered generator providing automated power backup. 


Additionally, we house a restricted access fireproof archive and server rooms with constant temperature and environmental controls.

 Bioanalytical LC-MS Equipment List:

  • SCIEX API 5000 with TurboIonSpray and Heated Nebulizer (2)
  • SCIEX API 4000 with TurboIonspray and Heated Nebulizer (8)
  • SCIEX API 3000 with TurboIonspray and Heated Nebulizer (3)
  • SCIEX API 365 (Ionics EP10+) with TurboIonspray and Heated Nebulizer (2)
  • Shimadzu SCL-10A Controllers (14)
  • Shimadzu LC-10AD HPLC Pump (25)
  • HTS PAL Autoinjectors (Leap Technology) (13)
  • Tomtech Quadra 96 Semi-Automated SPE System (3)
  • Hamilton StarLET Robotic Pipetting System (1)
  • Cohesive Aria TX-2 TurboFlow HTLC System (1)
  • Zymark TurboVap LV Evaporator (5)
  • Zymark TurboVap 96 Evaporator (3)
  • Mettler Toledo MT5 Balance (6 place) (2)
  • IEC Centra 8 Centrifuge (2)
  • IEC Centra GP8R Temperature Controlled Centrifuge (2)
  • Eppendorf 5417C Centrifuge (4)
  • Revco ULT1786 -70/80 °C Upright Freezer (1)
  • Revco ULT2586 -70/80 °C Upright Freezer (1)
  • Revco Ultima II -70/80 °C Upright Freezer (2)
  • Revco ULT-2090 -70/80 °C Chest Freezer (2)
  • Sanyo MDF-U72VC -70/80 °C Upright Freezer (10)
  • Rees Scientific e-Centron temperature monitoring and alarm system (1)
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