Standby Generator Fuel Testing

Protect vital Back-up Power Generators with periodic fuel quality testing.

Stored fuel tends to degrade over time. Quality control testing of generator fuels used for mission critical back-up power helps ensure that your back-up system will work when needed the most. Generator fuel testing by Intertek evaluates fstored fuels to help ensure they are ready for use.

Major institutions and businesses such as hospitals, airports, government buildings, and manufacturing plants require reliable emergency and standby back-up electricity generators in case their local power grid fails. Power grids can fail for a variety of reasons, including high wind, heavy rain, flooding, lightning, accidents, power surges, infrastructure failures, earthquakes, and even solar flares. Ensuring standby power generators are ready to work when needed is vitally important for continued operations, safety and reliability.

Intertek standby generator fuel testing is available for diesel, fuel oil, boiler fuel, biofuel, blended fuel, natural gas, and many other fuel types. Stored fuel sampling and testing is suggested annually to help ensure proper back-up generator readiness and maintenance. 

Standby generator fuel quality and stability testing includes:

  • Appearance, haze
  • Water content (including emulsified, dissolved, and free water content)
  • Microbes (bacteria, algae, fungus)
  • Sediment
  • Other contamination
  • Diesel Cetane level
  • Fuel corrosivity
  • ASTM D975 (Standard specification for diesel fuel oils)
  • ASTM D396 (Standard specification for off-road diesel and fuel oils)
  • Standby Power Generation Back-up Power Fuel Testing (.pdf)
If a stored fuel is at risk due to the presence of sufficient water to support an infestation of microbes, fuel biocide treatments are available.

Back-up and emergency generators are used by restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals, healthcare clinics, colleges, universities, schools, data centers, government facilities, military bases, large offices, high-rise buildings, banks, retail, fire-control systems, and telecommunications. Ensuring standby generator fuel quality is a basic requirement for having a reliable back-up power generator system in place and ready for use.
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