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Compliance to European Food Contact Regulation

Intertek experts assist in achieving compliance against the European Framework Regulation EU 1935/2004 (EC). We help navigate and verify a company's obligation and compliance towards the European Food Contact legislation.

Within the European Union, food contact materials such as packaging, kitchenware, and food processing equipment need to comply with Framework Regulation 1935/2004 (EC), and other relevant regulations. The Framework Regulation lays down the requirements for materials and articles which are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Food contact materials need to be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and they shall not transfer their components into the food in quantities that could endanger human health, change the composition of the food in an unacceptable way, or deteriorate the taste and odor of foodstuffs. 

Many companies find it difficult to cope with this regulation, Intertek regulatory experts can advise and assist companies with the implementation of the Framework Regulation 1935/2004 (EC) regulatory requirements.

Steps towards compliance include:

  • Verify which regulations and/or guidelines are of relevance for your materials and/or products
  • Set-up a compliance scheme for your product/material (including migration testing)
  • Proof GMP compliance.
  • Set up necessary documentation (incl. Declaration of Compliance - DoC)  

The Intertek food packaging, kitchenware and food processors compliance approach will help companies in the food retail, food manufacturing, packaging, plastics and kitchenware industry to understand changes and ease the process for ensuring that their food contact materials are in compliance.

Following the Intertek approach for food contact materials compliance will support companies in mitigating their liability and assist in the protection of their brand image. Intertek experts assists companies in complying with the requirements on packaging, kitchenware and other food contact materials according quality standards in the food production e.g. IoP Packaging Standard, FSSC 22000 and others.

The approach is designed to help food packing, food contact materials and buying companies to ensure speed-to-market, by avoiding compliance problems at early stages in the supply chain and rapid problem-solving when issues do occur.

Regulation, (EU) No. 10/2011 for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, has replaced, among others, Directive 2002/72/EC. Intertek experts assist companies in understanding this regulations and how to implement them within their own product portfolio. This regulation was initially called Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM).

to see how Intertek can help your organization with Compliance to European Food Contact Regulation.