Units P106-113

Unit Description

Units P106-109 and P110-113 each have four parallel trickle bed reactors with integrated pre-heaters. This allows up to four candidate catalysts and/or feedstocks to be evaluated at the same time.

The reactors of each unit operate isothermally. They have an independent pre-heater, four shared heater blocks, two internal thermocouples (an inlet and an outlet), and two skin thermocouples (upper and lower).

The reactor specifications for P106-109 and P110-113 are as follows:

Reactor Volume

Reactor Diameter

Reactor Height

0.12 L

(0.03 gal)

1.43 cm

(0.56 in)

73.7 cm

(29.0 in)

The core design specifications for P106-109 and P110-113 are as follows:

Feed Rate – Minimum

Feed Rate – Maximum

Temperature – Maximum

Pressure – Maximum

0.06 L/h

(0.016 gal/h)

0.3 L/h

(0.08 gal/h)



207 bar

(3000 psig)

Additional attributes to note

  • The reactors are housed in a shared furnace ensuring that each reactor system is operated at the same temperature. Other process variables such as pressure, liquid flow rate, and gas flow rate, are independent and can be varied on a per reactor basis as needed.
  • These units are once-through units with no gas recycle or liquid recycle. 
  • Product fractionation, if required, is performed offline in batch distillation units. 
  • Process lines are steam-traced to allow for processing heavier, more viscous materials. 
  • Full attention unit with at least one Operator per shift.

Analytical Support

Analytical types and frequency are performed on an as needed basis to ensure that customers are getting only the data they need when they need it. Onsite and external analytical support options are available for characterization and unit control purposes.

In-house analytical support for unit control and external analytical support via the Intertek network of laboratories is as follows:


  • D130 Copper strip corrosion
  • D156 Saybolt and D1500 ASTM Color
  • D287 Density
  • D2699 Research octane number
  • D2700 Motor octane number
  • D2887 GC Distillation
  • D6352 GC Distillation
  • D4629 Nitrogen
  • D5453 Sulfur
  • D5771 Cloud point
  • D5950 Pour point
  • D445 Kinematic viscosity

Intertek network

  • D4294 Sulfur
  • D323 RVP
  • D4530 MCRT
  • D6730 PIONA
  • D664 Acid number
  • D5291 CHN
  • D613 Cetane number

Common Project Types:

These units have been primarily used to generate process data at multiple test points more quickly and more cost effectively when compared to a single independent unit. They have been used for:

  • Catalyst screening comparing up to four candidate catalysts side-by-side at one time while processing one feedstock.
  • Feedsdtock screening comparing up to four candidate feedstocks side-by-side at one time with the same catalyst in each reactor.
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