Batch Reactor: Units A1 and A2

Unit Description

Unit A1 is a 1.0 L Hastelloy reactor and Unit A2 is a 4.0 L 316SS reactor. Both units have the option for internal stirring, the use of a cooling coil, and can be pressurized by either house hydrogen or nitrogen.




Temperature - Maximum

Pressure - Maximum



7.5 cm

(2.9 in)

24 cm

(9.4 in)

346 C

(650 F)

155 bar

(2,250 psig)


100-1,000 rpm



12.5 cm

(4.9 in)

33 cm

(13.0 in)

346 C

(650 F)

379 bar

(5,500 psig)


100-2,500 rpm

Project Types

Batch Hydrotreating:
The batch reactors are suitable for small scale preliminary evaluations of either a candidate feedstock or candidate catalyst. Feedstock and catalyst are charged to the reactor. The reactor is then set to the desired temperature and pressure in the presence of hydrogen. Stirrers are often used to maximize feedstock contact with the catalyst. Depending on the application, batch processing time can range from a few hours to 1-2 days. Products are then collected and analyzed per client direction.

Rapid Depressurization of Ceramic Supports:
Often times in commercial fixed bed reactors, ceramic media of varying sizes are used to support a catalyst bed. As the catalyst ages, a pressure differential can develop across the reactor. If a unit upset occurs, a pressure differential can develop rapidly. To make sure the ceramic supports can withstand these pressure differentials (as well as the temperatures seen in the reactor), rapid depressurization testing is used. Samples of ceramic media are placed in the reactor where the samples are heated to an elevated temperature in a high pressure hydrogen environment. Once at desired conditions, the pressure is released rapidly and the reactor allowed to cool. The samples are discharged from the reactor and inspected for signs of deterioration.

The batch reactors are flexible by nature and can be used in a variety of applications. Some examples of past uses for these batch reactors include recombining deasphalted oil and asphalt and batch thermal cracking.

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