Intertek Well Control Certification Training

Intertek Well Control (formerly Randy Smith Well Control) is an accredited provider of IADC and IWCF well control certification programs.

To Intertek, being an accredited Well Control program provider means more than simply administering tests and distributing certificates. We understand that the industry’s top organizations are looking for Well Control programs that will develop higher levels of competency and provide their employees the ability to transition the knowledge they learned during training back to the worksite.

This is accomplished by applying approaches to help students improve comprehension and increase knowledge retention.

IADC WellSharp

WellSharp is IADC’s new revolutionary well control training and certification program. WellSharp, which evolved from IADC’s WellCAP program, emphasizes rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities, whether in the front office or on the rig.

Trainees gain more in-depth, role-specific knowledge and the confidences needed to prevent safety incidents or to respond quickly and effectively when unforeseen events do occur.

Enhanced assessment process:
IADC’s improved assessment process ensures integrity and consistency.

  • Centralized electronic testing system, including random test generation
  • Immediate test results and feedback based on learning objectives
  • Independently proctored assessments
  • Strengthened instructor qualification requirements


IADC’s WellCAP program emphasizes the knowledge and practical skills needed for successful well control. Constantly adapting to industry needs, WellCAP offers the building blocks for a comprehensive well control culture throughout the organization.


IWCF’s core values are to improve competency globally to prevent the recurrence of a major incident by promoting and developing well control knowledge through consistent training and certification. IWCF’s programs encourage improvement in the competence and behaviors of personnel throughout an organization.

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