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Case Studies

30 Nov 2012Case Study: Fueling the Alaskan Winter (189 KB)

27 Nov 2012Resolving an E-book Quality Puzzle (2.2 MB PDF)

25 Jul 2012Risk Based Integrity Assessment (2.1 MB PDF)

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18 Jun 2014Corporate Financier interview with Julia Thomas on Intertek M&A strategy

17 Mar 2014Intertek Leading “Real World” Testing of Alternative Energy Vehicles

10 Dec 2013Intertek Unveils AppTestNow, Delivering Expert Mobile App Testing on Any Device, Any Network – Now

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White Papers

30 Jun 2013Understanding Micro- and Nano-Formulations: Application of High Pressure Freezing and Cryo-Electron Microscopy (170 MB PDF)

30 Jun 2013Pharmaceutical Physical Characterization: Surface Area and Porosity (439 KB PDF)

28 Jun 2013Understanding the EU Cosmetic Regulation and Attaining Compliance (390 KB PDF)

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