Intertek to offer IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control course

April 24, 2017

Houston, TX - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has earned the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) accreditation to deliver their Well Intervention Pressure Control program.

A well intervention is any operation carried out on an oil or gas well during, or at the end of, its productive life to extend the life of producing wells.  Intertek's course offers pressure control knowledge required by service equipment operators and supervisory personnel who are in critical well control positions during well intervention operations.  This is a theoretical and practical course providing participants, at operational or supervisory levels, with an understanding of pressure control methods relating to the various well servicing operations, and to prepare candidates for IWCF testing.  The course also covers "Completion Operations and Equipment" which are required components, with the option of one or more elective topics on Coiled Tubing, Wireline and Snubbing Operations.

“The current oil and gas environment appears to have an increasing need for well intervention operations. However, the nature of such operations requires an in-depth understanding of the process and careful examination of its associated risks. The intention of Intertek's course is to address these issues.” said Yoosef Sardooee Nasab, Senior Instructor for Consulting and Training at Intertek.

Intertek has added the IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control course to its existing portfolio of courses in response to both industry needs and specific client requests and will begin delivering the course in its Houston, Texas, training center beginning in May 2017.

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