Cyber Security Testing

Protect your brand and user data with security testing from Intertek-EWA Canada

As more connected products come to market, the opportunity for security breaches increase which can have a huge impact on your reputation and bottom line. Whether you are an app store, a manufacturer of wireless products, or a carrier, protecting data and preventing cyber-attacks are of paramount concern. With Intertekā€™s recent purchase of EWA-Canada, we now offer manufacturers and enterprises leading edge cyber security solutions.

With a firm belief in understanding possible risks upfront, we conduct thorough vulnerability assessments which can include your products, personnel and processes. Penetration testing will uncover true vulnerabilities by exploiting weaknesses and using known exploits for software, firmware and hardware.

Other security services and certifications include:

  • FIPS 140-2
  • Common Criteria
  • Board Design
  • Active Breaching
  • Conformance of Specifications
  • Data Integrity
  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements

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Intertek-EWA Canada offers a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security and high assurance services to ensure data is safe guarded from cyber-attacks. Contact us today to help protect your brand, mitigate risk, and develop products that customers can trust.


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