Investment Overview

About Intertek

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance (TQA) provider to industries worldwide.

Our network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 42,000 people in more than 100 countries, delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for our customers’ operations and supply chains.

Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, delivered consistently, with precision, pace and passion, enabling our customers to power ahead safely.

Intertek 2017 Investor Presentation

Our Strategy

The total value of the global quality assurance market is, we estimate, $250 billion of which ‘only’ $50 billion is currently outsourced. That means there is a total $200 billion in-house opportunity for Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services.

Companies are doing far more today to improve quality and safety than they were even five years ago, but there is much that needs to be done to establish a robust, reliable, end-to-end Total Quality Assurance approach that reduces risk. That is what we offer and will continue to bring our clients, leveraging our broad service portfolio, our technical expertise and our global laboratory network. to allow corporations to concentrate on their core value-generating activities.

Intertek has been the pioneer of the industry across the world for 130 years and we continue to be its chief innovator, constantly evolving and improving our service offering to customers to meet their changing needs.

Importantly, this entrepreneurial spirit is a fundamental aspect of our ‘5x5’ differentiated strategy for growth. This strategy comprises five strategic priorities and five strategic enablers, targeted at the achievement of five corporate goals that help us measure progress.

Our earnings model supports our ‘5x5’ differentiated strategy for growth, which aims to move the centre of gravity of the company towards high-growth, high-margin areas of the industry. Today, the Total Quality Assurance (TQA) solutions we deliver go beyond assuring the quality and safety of a corporation’s physical components, products and assets to also look at the reliability of their operating processes and quality management systems.

Our TQA approach is fundamental to enabling our clients to operate safely and with complete peace of mind.

Our Structural Growth Drivers

In the medium- to long-term, we believe that the Industry will benefit from Global GDP+ organic growth rates.

An overview of the structural growth drivers across each of the sectors of the economy in which we operate is outlined below and further detail can be found in the Total Quality Assurance presentation, Strategy Update presentation and Video materials.

Our structural growth drivers

Intertek – Total Quality Assurance Presentation (Webcast)

Intertek – Strategy Update Presentation

Video: Intertek Strategy Update

Video: The Total Quality Assurance Opportunity

Track Record of Shareholder Value Creation

Intertek has a track record of sustainable growth since its IPO in 2002 to 2016:

  • The size of the organisation has grown from 11,000 to 42,452 employees
  • Revenue has grown from £461m to £2,567m
  • Operating profit has increased from £77m to £410m
  • The Group has delivered a TSR of 906%

We believe the Group’s track record of sustainable growth is underpinned by five fundamental strengths that are core to Intertek:

  • Global Network of State-of-the-Art facilities
  • Powerful Portfolio with Leadership Positions
  • Depth and Breadth of Quality Assurance Solutions
  • Passionate and Entrepreneurial Culture
  • High-Margin and Strongly Cash Generative Earnings Model

At the Group level, in the medium- to long-term we expect to deliver GDP + organic revenue growth that is margin accretive and strongly cash generative. This will enable us to allocate our resources in a disciplined fashion, to create further value via carefully selected capital expenditure and M&A investments in high-margin and high-growth areas that in turn deliver further accelerated margin accretive revenue growth.

Intertek High Quality Earnings Model

Track Record of Shareholder Value Creation

Video: 2017 Half Year Results

Video: 2016 Full Year Results