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Hearth Products Testing

Intertek tests and certify hearth products, including fireplace inserts, grills, wood burning appliances, and chimneys.

With recognitions by all major code bodies we have the ability to test your products to ANSI, ASTM, CCMC, CSA, EPA, ICBO, and UL standards.

We are committed to providing you with the necessary testing and certification services you need to reach your target market quickly. We also strive to assist you in meeting the most recent industry requirements such as outdoor boiler efficiency and product improvement, SF fireplace emissions evaluations and gas fireplace efficiency for the Canadian market. We also provide EPA Emissions testing, Energy Efficiency, Performance Testing, and validation for product efficiency claims.

Once your product compliance has been determined your product is eligible to bear Intertek's recognized and accepted Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark. The WHI Mark reflects your commitment to product safety and quality to inspectors, builders and end-users. We can also work with you to develop ongoing compliance-testing programs to ensure that new product components do not compromise the quality and performance of your product.

Throughout our network of accredited labs, we provide testing and certification services for a wide range of hearth products, including:

  • Solid fuel burning appliances including biomass appliances
  • Solid fuel burning stoves, boilers and fireplaces
  • Wood, gas, corn and wood pellet-fired stoves
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Factory built fireplaces
  • Gas grills and barbecue appliances
  • Chimney systems and other accessories
  • Pellet Fuel Institute Testing Lab


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