Environmental, Health & Safety - Webinar Series

Intertek is pleased to offer our clients a complimentary webinar series, presented by our experts to help you understand and prepare for a variety of environmental, health and safety situations.


Over 80% of our lives are spent indoors – whether at work, at home, in school, or in public spaces – thus, it is no surprise that our comfort and health is so influenced by the air quality within our built environment. Intertek's environmental and chemical engineering experts will discuss some of the many complex situations that can arise in buildings involving volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde, post-water damage remediation or post-lead or -asbestos abatement air quality concerns, post-fire air quality considerations, the impacts of ozone exposure, managing airborne chemicals of concern, and how to minimize the occupant and worker exposure risks associated with these issues. 


Workplace spills can pose significant risks to the built and natural environment. A moderate sized spill can impair air quality, impact subsurface soil and groundwater and cause significant injury and business interruption. Although small spills are commonplace, larger or more hazardous spills require a thoughtful, practiced and robust approach to allow for expedited and effective mitigation at the source, before migration and property damage results. To these ends, this presentation will cover the following: 

  • Anatomy of a spill: definition, types & severity factors
  • Regulatory Drivers and Best Practices
  • Reporting and Due Diligence Considerations
  • Lessons Learned and Prevention


Catastrophic events, like fires, floods and climate events, are disruptive to your daily operations and require expert guidance to navigate. Join Intertek's chemical and environmental engineering experts as we discuss the type of response required for large-scale floods and wildfires, common challenges and logistics issues encountered during these events, considerations surrounding hazardous materials including mould, bacteria, lead, asbestos, and smoke residues, and ways to pre-emptively manage your risks and mitigate business interruption in the event of a catastrophic event. 


Whether you want to reduce your EHS risk exposure, are responding to an occupant concern, need to manage a new or concerning waste stream, or have experienced a sudden and unexpected occurrence like a fire, backup or flood and want to understand how to minimize business interruption during these events in the future, Intertek’s qualified environmental and chemical engineering hazardous materials experts will discuss and guide you through the various components and considerations surrounding these concerns.


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