Do you understand the compliance requirements for cosmetics and health & beauty products?

Intertek is pleased to help our client’s bring their cosmetics and health & beauty products to market. To enhance our commitment to these industries, we invite you to attend our free webinar series on a variety of regulatory compliance and testing considerations.

As experts in providing compliance services, our Cosmetic Team has extensive experience in global cosmetic regulations. In addition, our team consists of knowledgeable specialists with strong academic backgrounds, such as toxicology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine and are actively involved with technical and trade associations. During the webinars, our presenters will share their experiences and interpret the requirements from the aspects of product formulation, testing, labels, claims, as well as, address the continually changing regulatory landscape for cosmetics and the challenges it presents to stakeholders.  

The EU has one of the most advanced regulatory environments to navigate for cosmetics and personal care industry.  Its regulations address critical issues, including product notification, safety assessment, claims, and nanotechnology.  This webinar will provide guidance on Cosmetic Product Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and will be useful for those new to the industry as well as those already involved.  Join us for this webinar and learn from expert Chris Brennan.  Chris will present detailed information about the new EU Regulation, future implementation guidelines, and how the industry should begin to prepare for these new regulatory challenges.



This webinar will provide a brief overview of the cosmetic regulations in the United States, including the regulations in the Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act, as well as other regulations that affect the personal care industry including California Proposition 65 and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).



Consumer safety is critical for the cosmetics industry.  Understanding the source for substances of concern in raw materials, packaging and the final packaged product is critical for maintaining brand integrity.  Ever increasing demands on detection limits require ever growing sophistication in both sample prep and analytical test methods.  Intertek plays a key role in this arena, leveraging its high level of analytical testing expertise and ongoing investment in tools needed to support the growing challenges in chemical testing for the cosmetics and consumer products industry.     



In order to substantiate safety of your cosmetic product or cosmetic ingredient, a risk assessment is needed to evaluate safety for a variety of endpoints. This webinar will give examples of when an assessment is needed and provide guidance on how to setup and complete such assessments. Various models of assessment including California Proposition 65 exposure assessments and Systemic Exposure Dose calculations will be covered.



Consumers are increasingly demanding safe and effective high quality cosmetic and healthcare products. As a consumer healthcare or cosmetic manufacturer it is important to instil confidence in your brands to ensure a loyal customer base and solid market share. In addition claims on safety and efficacy need to be robust enough to undergo the scrutiny of the regulators and advertising standards agencies.

This webinar will provide guidance on how to conduct robust clinical testing of cosmetics to ensure that you achieve credible data to support product launches and claims. It will look at the key stages in clinical testing such as volunteer recruitment, consent, sample size calculation, data collection, statistics and reporting.  

In addition, it will cover the EU regulatory landscape of the clinical testing of cosmetics and the guidelines in place. 



Clinical trials are considered by many to be the gold standard method of evaluation of healthcare / cosmetic products and medical devices. A well designed cosmetic trial can contribute significantly to the relevant research evidence base to support claims on safety and efficacy of cosmetic healthcare products.

This webinar will present key elements required for designing a robust cosmetic trial, including types of trials, trial designs, minimising bias, developing research questions into a trial proposal, sample sizes, statistical analysis considerations and interpreting data from cosmetic clinical trials.



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