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Mercury in Natural Gas from Offshore Gas Field

The mercury in natural gas was contaminating an onshore gas conditioning plant.

Intertek was asked to develop and prepare the technical case for the owner of an onshore natural gas conditioning plant that received natural gas containing high levels of mercury from an adjacent offshore gas platform. Mercury is detrimental to the aluminum heat exchangers used in cryogenic separations in the plant. At issue was the performance of a column used to dry natural gas, using triethylene glycol (or TEG), as the dehydrating agent. We measured the mercury content of streams entering and leaving the TEG column. We designed a series of bench-scale experiments at full line pressure to develop a database. Several analytical instruments were used to simultaneously measure the concentration of mercury in vapor streams. Additional experiments were conducted to measure the equilibrium concentration of mercury in common light hydrocarbon gases. We prepared several reports of our findings. 

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