The future of food testing and emerging food trends - Webinar

It is a continuous challenge for food manufacturers to keep up with the volume and complexity of chemical, microbiological and physical hazards.


In recent years, the food testing market has grown at a rapid rate due to the ever increasing publicity on food contamination and safety. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of food and are demanding that more be done to prevent harmful bacteria and chemicals from entering the food chain. For food manufacturers this is a continuous battle, from farm to fork the volume and complexity of chemical, microbiological and physical hazards is increasing. As our knowledge of these contaminants develops, the requirement for improved testing and lower detection limits is realised.

This webinar focuses on the future of food testing and the emerging food trends.

Why should you attend this future of food testing webinar?

  • To understand more about the challenges the industry is facing with regards to microbiological, chemical and physical hazards
  • To find out more about the drivers for modern food testing
  • To gain an understanding of the current testing methods and their effectiveness
  • To understand more about the advances in food testing

You should attend this future of food testing webinar if you are a:

  • Food producer
  • Food processor
  • Food retailer
  • Food manufacturer

Presented by John Searle, Intertek's Global Quality & Technical Director. John has gained over 25 years of experience within the food testing industry and with a background as a public analyst.  He is well versed in ensuring food safety and quality whilst conforming to the legal compliance framework within the UK and EU. In addition, John has trained as a third party auditing inspector for the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and has carried out many food standards and hygiene inspections advising small, medium and large food manufacturers. Through his expertise and dedication he continually demonstrates his in-depth knowledge of food law, food hygiene, quality assurance, labelling and an understanding of the pressures that the modern food industry faces.


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