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Brine Testing

Brines composition testing and analysis.

Intertek laboratories provide brines composition and properties testing and analysis. Brines are also referred to as "produced water". Produced water is extracted along with oil and gas during exploration and production. Brine can include reservoir water, injected water, and chemicals added during the production and treatment process. Brine may contain high mineral and salt content, known as formation water. Understanding the composition of produced water (brine) is crucial for offshore and other petroleum and gas exploration and production projects.

Brines testing: 

  • Brine Composition
  • Brine, Oil, H2S partitioning studies
  • Oil Composition
  • Solution Gas
  • Combined Fluids
  • Recombined Fluids
  • Initial Phase Volume
  • Free Gas Phase Composition
  • Gas from Brine Composition
  • Toluene Wash Compositon
  • Brine Salt and Mineral Composition
  • Equilibration Condition
    • Pressure, psia
    • Temperature, °F, °C
  • Initial Phase Volume Addition to Visual Cell, cc
    • Oil Volume at psia, °F, °C
    • Brine Volume at psia, °F, °C
    • H2S Volume at psia and equilibration T
  • Brine Chemical Composition
    • NaCl
    • CaCl2, 2H2O
    • MgCl, 6H2O
    • KCl
    • SrCl2, 6H2O
    • Na2SO4
    • NaHCO3, Na2CO3
    • Other trace elements and compounds

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