ETL Environmental VOC

ETL Environmental VOC Certified Products

ManufacturerProduct NamesCategoryConformance CategoryCertificate NumberCertificate Expiry Date
Agati FurnitureAntrim, Boalt, Brown, Callaway, Cerino, Charles, Children’s Tables wood, DePaul, Frye, Gothic, Myles, Primary, Rolland, and WilliamsStudy Carrels and TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000055R111/21/2017
Agati FurnitureDrum and Gee Occasional Tables, Metal Base Tables and Flip-Top Metal Base Tables, Primary and Roland Lab Tables, Elements Desking and Media, and Manifest DeskingTables, Desking and MediaVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000056R111/21/2017
Agati FurnitureWood Shelving and Display Collections (Storage Cabinets), End Panels and Altas & Dictionary StandsShelving and DisplayVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000057R111/21/2017
Agati FurniturePOD and NookPrivate Workstations (wall panel, seat, and work surface)VOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000069R111/21/2017
Agati FurnitureChildren’s TablesTablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000086R011/21/2017
B&M NobleLuxcore Vinyl Flooring Planks, Atelier Series Oak Engineered planks and DuChateau Concrete Deluxe FlooringFlooring planksVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000097R012/30/2017
BRC Stylwall Inc.Dwel Stylwall and Tecna StylwallArchitectural wallsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000078R105/23/2017
BRC Business Enterprises Ltd.Natural Series Workstation (Worksurface, tackboard and storage PED)Workstation Systems FurnitureVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000087R005/23/2017
BuzziSpace USABuzziVille and BuzziBooth WorktopLaminate WorksurfacesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000073R105/24/2017
BuzziSpace USABuzziHive Bench, BuzziHub Bench and BuzziVille BenchBench SystemsVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000074R105/24/2019
BuzziSpace USABuzziBooth Wall, BuzziCockpit Wall, BuzziHive Wall, BuzziHub Wall, and BuzziVille WallWall PanelsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000075R105/24/2017
BuzziSpace USABuzziCube Models (flat, 3d, antiskid bottom, and wooden bottom)SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000080R005/24/2017
Cali Bamboo, LLCGreenClaimed® Premium + Cork Underlayment Product Model #1102002300Flooring UnderlaymentVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000084R010/21/2017
Dauphin North AmericaKonstrux / Ambit, Axium, Entice, and TiffanyTables: Conference / Meeting / OccasionalVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000088R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaAtelier, Atelier 2, Blend, Hiline, Junxion, and KonstruxSystems: Desking, Benching and Panels / Casegoods and StorageVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000089R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaAce, Eddy, Getti, Highway, Join Me, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Siamo, Strata, Talli, Teo, and VisitaSeating: Guest / SideVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000090R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaAdjust, Aiko, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Eddy, Flexo, Jax, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Octave, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Sync, Syncro II, Tec Line, Teo, Vida, Visita, and X-CodeSeating: StoolVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000091R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaAce, Eddy, Getti, Join Me, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Strata, Talli Side, and Teo / Ace and Join Me / Ace, Eddy, Siamo, Strata, and TalliSeating: Classroom / Nesting / StackingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000092R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaEddy, Logan, Lordo, Siamo, and Teo / 4+, 4+ Relax, Aleta, Alterno, Aspetta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Bello, Bene Bobo, Bobo, Baby Bobo, Buster Bobo, Bux, City Club, Coty, Cubitt, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, Perillo, and SidneySeating: Beam / Lounge: Single and SofaVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000093R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaBux, Eddy, Highway, Lacinta, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Riola, Siamo, Teo, and VistaSeating: Conference / Meeting / ExecutiveVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000094R012/30/2017
Dauphin North AmericaAdjust, Aiko, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Flexo, Lacinta, Lordo, Luxo, Magnum, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Syncro II, Sync, Vida, Viper and X-CodeSeating: TaskVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000095R012/30/2017
Elizabeth Fatima Do Nascimento Aime DBA Bionat USAAlizzé Orthomolecular Nano System Demineralizing ShampooHair Care ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000077R105/23/2017
Elizabeth Fatima Do Nascimento Aime DBA Bionat USAAlizzé Orthomolecular Nano System Defrizzer SolutionHair Care ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000077R105/23/2017
Elizabeth Fatima Do Nascimento Aime DBA Bionat USABotox BB Cream Bio Reducer Mask OrganicHair Care ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000077R105/23/2017
Ergotron Inc.WorkFit-A, WorkFit-S, WorkFit-SR, and WorkFit-TDual Worksurfaces, Suspended Keyboard, LCD Stand, and Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations respectivelyVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000083R009/28/2017
Ergotron Inc.Elevate 48Sit-Stand Desk WorkstationVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000106R009/28/2017
Halo Innovations, Inc.Halo Bassinest ECO MattressBassinest Organic MattressVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000054R211/16/2017
Indiana FurnitureCentennial, Elevate, Gesso, Madera, Promise, and Revolutions; Aura and Cameo Reception CasegoodsWood/Veneer Casegoods including Reception CasegoodsVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000033R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureAura, Cameo, Etch, and LuxeWood/Veneer Conference TablesVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000034R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureCanvas, Niche and ResilienceLaminate Conference Tables and CasegoodsVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000035R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureCarreta, Jot, Resilience and Topsy TurvyLaminate Occasional TablesVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000036R210/04/2017
Indiana Furniture Avia and SyntricTask SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000037R210/04/2017
Indiana Furniture Clutch and OscarExecutive SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000038R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureAmery, Brea, Breman, Kennerly, Larson, and ReminisceExecutive/ Guest/ Side SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000039R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureAlita, Charm, Cirka, Delphi, Elara, Felix, Gleem, Halsted, Klarete, Striations, and TriftGuest/ Side SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000040R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureBenton, Bliss, Carreta, Chat, Cicero, Isla, and PortiaLounge SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000041R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureBritta, Inspiration, Marquee, and ViveLounge / Guest/ Side SeatingVOC+US1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000042R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureLounge SeatingTriple Play SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000046R210/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureOne 10 Conference and Topsy TurvyWood/Veneer Conference Tables and Occasional TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000058R110/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureOne 10Laminate Conference TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000059R110/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureBow Tie (Stacking, Guest/Side), Isla Lounge, and Triple Play Guest/SideStacking/Guest/Side and Lounge SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000060R110/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureJoyExecutive SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000061R110/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureTri One Training, Tri One Modular Conference, and Tri One MeetingLaminate Conference and Training TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000079R110/04/2017
Indiana FurnitureTobyGuest/ Side SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000101R002/28/2018
Indiana FurnitureBailey Lounge SeatingLounge SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000109R008/25/2017
Jack Cartwright of Boss Design Co.Biff, Buff, Happy and JollyGuest SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000096R012/30/2017
MaylineCSII, e5, Geneva, and TransActionConference Tables, Desking Systems, Casegoods, and Reception WorkstationsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000001R405/21/2017
MaylineAberdeen, Brighton, and MedinaConference Tables, Desking Systems, Casegoods, and Reception WorkstationsVOCUS1-ETL Environmental VOC-0000002R405/21/2017
MaylineE-Series, LT Series, ML Series, RGE Series, and XR SeriesHeight Adjustable TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000016R305/21/2017
MaylineARC Rotary Files, File Harbor Cabinets, Form Storage Cabinets, Four Post Shelving, Mailflow Systems for Mailrooms, Mobile Aisle, Mobile Lite, and X-Ray ShelvingHigh Density StorageVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000018R305/21/2017
MaylineData Cabinets, e*LAN, Height Adjustable Rack, Matrix, S/E Cabinets, and TechWorksNetwork ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000020R305/21/2017
MaylineFutur-Matic Drawing Tables and Plan FilesLarge Format FilingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000021R305/21/2017
MaylineRanger Steel Four-Post & Split Top Drawing Tables and Ranger Team TablesDraftingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000022R305/21/2017
MaylineBistro, Cohere, Flip-N-Go, Meeting Plus, Periscope, Sync, Talon, and T-MateHospitality, Occasional, and Training TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000026R105/21/2017
OrangeboxAra, Cors, Do, Eva, Flo, G64, Go, Joy, Seren, Spira+, Workday, and X10, Calder, Coda, Hay, Pace, and Track, Aden, Away from the Desk, Bligh Stool, Border, Boundary, Cwtch, Cusp, Dee, Dean, Fletcher Stool, Gate, Ogmore, Perimeter, Point, Tarn, and ValeTask Seating, Executive Seating, Guest/ Side and Lounge SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000102R002/28/2018
OrangeboxAvi, Bloom, Peak, Ramsey, Skomer, Spring, Sully, and Tide, Ava, Boom, Bounce, Dench, Flex, Moss, Neeky, Onyourjays, Orly, Peeps, Tope, and Yolo, Arber, ATM, Hep, Hench, Imo, Java, Joe, Library, Neato, Rock, Skeen, and YawlFlat 4 Star Base Seat, Lounge Seating, TableVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000103R002/28/2018
OrangeboxArchitectural ProductsAir3, Airea, Bay and Cove US and UK Upholstered Wall PanelsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000104R002/28/2018
OrangeboxAway From the Desk (Aftd), Bluff, Breaker, Coda, Cwtch, Dune, Elan, Lano, Lockbar, Lock Side, Obvio, Pars, Surf, and ValeTables Bases / TopsVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000105R102/28/2018
ROL USA, Inc.EP Leg Series, ED Leg Series and PR-25 Steel Column Leg SeriesAdjustable Table Frames: 2 and 3 leg and steel powder-coated legsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000068R103/15/2018
Sedia SystemsM SeriesFixed Lecture Hall Seating Systems and Writing SurfacesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000045R210/23/2017
Sedia SystemsJ30 and FT20 SeatingFixed Auditorium and Public Seating SystemsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000062R110/23/2017
Sedia SystemsBeam Series, FT20, G20, J30, JumpSeat, M Series, O60, T50 and V8000Fixed Auditorium and Public Spaces Seating SystemsVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000063R110/23/2017
Sedia SystemsBeam Series with TabletFixed Lecture Hall Seating Systems and Writing SurfacesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000064R110/23/2017
Sedia SystemsJumpSeat, FT20, G20, O60, R40, T50 and V8000Auditorium, Lecture Hall and Public Spaces Seating Systems and Writing SurfacesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000085R010/23/2017
Special-TAntonio, Apollo, Arcade, Arches, Bridget, Carina, Convertible, Delta, Ella, EZ-Roll, Grace, Kingston, Levitate, Maxim, Portofino, Quatro, Reveal, Robot, SlimFlip, SlimFlip-C, Structure, and Transform-2Training, Flip and Nest TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000070R003/11/2017
Special-TBedford, Bistro, Cantina, ClassiX, Ella, Fusion, Kristina, Legacy, Mount, Nova, Quatro, Reveal, Robot, StarX, Sienna, Success, and TrionOccasional and Hospitality TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000071R003/11/2017
Special-T Atlantis, Benton, Connect, Jaguar, Legacy, Olympus, Oscar, Venice, and Premium Veneer TableConference TablesVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000072R003/11/2017
Swiss Krono, LLCRobusto #561007 12mm Harbour Oak 13.91 SF and Mammut #561090 12mm Capital Oak 14.93 SFLaminate FlooringVOC+US1-ETLVOC-000076R105/19/2017
USFloors Inc.Item# 89818 Model# 609HFLWS (Engineered Locking Woven Bamboo Spice Flooring), Item# 142749 Model# 602HS (Solid Bamboo Spice Flooring), Item# 770384 Model# 609LMWBM (Engineered Locking Handscraped Multi-Width Dark Antique Bamboo Flooring), Item# 770380 Model# 77L41500 (Engineered Locking Tigerwood Natural Flooring), Item# 770385 Model# 77L43500 (Engineered Locking Sapele Natural Flooring), Item# 91236 Model# 40P42L06 (Engineered Locking Cork Flooring).Flooring ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000081R008/25/2017
USFloors Inc.Biyork: Lowes item #770389 Vendor model #77LHSMAC00, Lowes item #349411 Vendor model #70ACLHS00; Huayu Lowes item #834316 Vendor Model #609HFLWG, Lowes item #142697 Vendor Model #602HN; Yongyu Lowes item #770387 Vendor model #609LH2, Lowes item #770388 Vendor model #609LVP, Lowes item #589512 Vendor Model #609HFLWBM, Lowes item #589511 Vendor Model #609HFLWA, Lowes item # 589510 Vendor Model #609HFLWJ; Yuhua Lowes item #770381 Vendor Model #77LAM500, Lowes item #770382 Vendor Model #77LCU500, Lowes item #770386 Vendor Model #77L61500.Flooring ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000107R008/25/2017
USFloors Inc.Lowes item# 786020 Vendor Model# 70LLPRO09 Engineered Toasted Oak; Lowes item # 786022 Vendor Model # 70LLPRO02 Engineered Smoked Oak; Lowes Item # 786024 Vendor Model # 70LLPO05 Engineered Deep Smoked OakFlooring ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000108R008/25/2017
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, Maker Bench, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, and ZuriSeating in categories: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000065R101/31/2018
VersteelTables that include: Bases/ Tops, Cafeteria/ Café, Classroom, Conference (wood, non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingBrattice, Curvare, Elements, Eliga, Maker Table, ODIS, Paces, Paces Delta, Paces Zeta, Performance, Platform, Rover. Skware, Somet, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000066R101/31/2018
VersteelLooksee, Entourage Wall Board, Maker Whiteboard, Table Top Lectern, and WordplayAccessories: Presentation ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000067R101/31/2018
VersteelEntourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, and EquipAccessories: Presentation ProductsVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000098R001/31/2018
VersteelChela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, Kompis, Maker Bench, Ollie, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Socius, and ZuriSeating in categories: Auditorium/ Theater, Classroom, Guest/Side, Lounge, Patient Room, or StackingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000099R001/31/2018
VersteelTables that include: Bases/ Tops, Cafeteria/ Café, Classroom, Conference (wood, non-wood), Height-Adjustable, Occasional, and TrainingBrattice, Elements, Eliga, Maker Table, ODIS, Paces, Paces Delta, Paces Zeta, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, Tier, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, Vela, and WavelinkVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000100R001/31/2018
Via, Inc.Chico, Edge, Legola Seating, and SiennaLounge / Motion SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000004R309/04/2017
Via, Inc.Bergen, Carmel, Dyce, Essex, Heathrow, Linate, Oslo, Vero, and Voss (upholstered)Executive SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000005R309/04/2017
Via, Inc.4U, Brisbane, Brisbane HD, Genie, Proform, Riva-Act II, Run, Terra, and Voss (mesh)Task SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000024R309/04/2017
Via, Inc.Edge, Splash (Poly and Mesh), Sutro, Vista, Vista II and ZeeGuest / Side and Stack SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000025R409/04/2017
Via, Inc.3Dee, Oyo, Muvman, Spec Stool, and SwopperBackless Stool / Motion Task SeatingVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000026R309/04/2017
Via, Inc.SierraOutdoor Steel LoungeVOC+US1-ETLVOC-0000044R209/04/2017
Via, Inc.Legola ScreenSystems PanelVOCUS1-ETLVOC-0000082R009/04/2017

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