Cyber Security Testing & Certification

Confidently determine the best test scheme for your products’ security with Cyber Security Testing at an accredited lab.

The process of understanding and selecting test types, evaluations or certifications for your product depends on your objectives, as well as several factors such as, who is using your product, where it’s being sold, including the nature of the data it may be storing, sending, or receiving.

For this reason, we seek to work with you as a partner in identifying the tests or certifications most beneficial to your brand, product, and end-customers.

Intertek’s services include:

Tests, evaluations and certifications listed above are based upon standards and go beyond the discovery nature of tests that you might find in penetration testing, vulnerability assessments (VA), or a threat risk assessment (TRA). For more on these specific tests, please see our Advisory Services.

When selecting a partner in evaluating your data’s security, working with an accredited, third-party lab is important in providing significant competitive advantages to your product or solution. With Intertek’s acquisitions of EWA-Canada and Acumen Security LLC, our experts have decades of experience and are approved to perform a variety of evaluations and testing over a wide range of technologies, products, and applications. Whether developing for the government, or private sector, you’ll find having products validated in our labs provide a strategic advantage over your competition in the marketplace.

Our labs are equipped to define, develop, and perform trusted 3rd party functional and security based testing for any product imaginable. We partner with you to identify and complete a Test Requirements Document (TRD) to be used in the validation project. Complete and detailed Test Procedures are developed in conjunction with developers and upon completion, a comprehensive report containing an executive summary is produced and delivered once testing has completed, along with a certificate of validation.


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