Water Corrosion Monitoring

Real-time condition monitoring of water system infrastructure - 'Concerto Water Corrosivity Meter (WCM)'

Comprehensive condition monitoring is vital to manage and extend the life of infrastructure assets. Accurate, real-time corrosivity measurements and degradation information gives you the ability to better assess, rehabilitate and plan your infrastructure

Our water corrosion monitoring (WCM) system is part of a range of specialist condition monitoring solutions specifically designed for water systems

  • How do you check the inherent corrosivity of your water? 
  • Are you over or under dosing your corrosion prevention chemicals without optimisation? 
  • Could you be dosing fewer and using less chemical to protect your pipe work?

Key Features

  • Free-standing portable system.
  • Rapid field evaluation of final water corrosivity. 
  • Can be easily adapted with different probes or sensors. 
  • Touch screen HMI for system setup and local data review.

By listening to our customers and incorporating 20 years experience in Total Quality Assurance corrosion monitoring, we have developed this easy to install, compact system. The monitoring system provides measurement data on corrosivity which is essential for the optimisation of chemical dosing used to reduce corrosion and/or to aid in the remaining life prediction of infrastructure

Flexible System Configuration

The WCM is available as either a self-contained sidestream skid or for direct installation into site infrastructure. The system has been designed to allow for flexible configuration to meet users requirements. These may include:

  • Insert probe elements constructed from cast iron, carbon steel, copper, lead or any other metallic material used within the supply infrastructure. 
  • Inline pH probe. 
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter. 
  • Electronic flow meter. 
  • Data logger with USB export for standalone operation. 
  • Ethernet LAN port for connection to site local area network or fieldbus system for remote data capture.

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