Concrete Corrosion Monitoring

Reinforced concrete corrosion monitoring - real-time condition monitoring for major assets.

Our Total Quality Assured Concerto concrete corrosion monitoring system provides a variety of options for monitoring the rate of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures, including:

• Underground rail tunnels

• Nuclear waste storage facilities

• Reinforced concrete piers

• Column heads

• Bridge decks

Concrete Corrosion Monitoring

Our system accommodates the challenges of the concrete environment without compromising on sensitivity, resolution or robustness. Corrosion sensors can be incorporated as part of an overall structural health monitoring system (SHMS) or as a standalone system.

The measurement systems are matched to a range of probes for permanent burial in concrete. Probes can be installed prior to concrete placement or retrofitted to existing structures.

Successful field corrosion measurements in reinforced concrete structures pose a number of challenges to system designers. Long-term assurance is required, while the electrochemistry of the environment can change dramatically over the life of the structure. 

Corrosion and condition monitoring systems are often installed as a verification of construction quality, as an indicator of system health and as an early warning onset of corrosion for future cathodic protection application. 

Measurement probes are inaccessible once installed, yet have to respond to change when needed. Instrumentation may have to be located remotely from the probe, yet maintain sensitivity and noise rejection. 

The instrumentation we supply, coupled with our in-house designed and manufactured probes, provide a complete integrated condition monitoring system tailored to your particular needs. 


Concrete Corrosion Monitoring Instrumentation

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