Concerto Corrosion Monitoring Products

Concerto corrosion monitoring systems.

The Intertek Concerto corrosion monitoring product line is designed for varying locations, from process equipment in hazardous areas, to concrete and infrastructure systems and laboratory applications.

Concerto instrumentation uses an enhanced LPR measurement function and high-performance electrochemical noise (ECN) measurements, providing additional real-time information on the corrosion process. This data enhances operational knowledge and allows for operational control providing Total Quality Assurance.

The use of noise measurements provides rapid detection of localised corrosion effects, such as pitting, crevice attack and stress cracking, in a way that cannot be achieved with conventional LPR. The response time can significantly exceed that offered by high-resolution electrical resistance systems.

A dedicated design and manufacturing team supports Concerto development. The ability to operate in a number of different environments, together with the capability to record linear polarisation resistance (LPR), corrosion potential, resistivity and voltage-time electrochemical noise (VT ECN) measurements, provides for a flexible and growing range of products. 

Concerto Corrosion Monitoring Systems and Applications:

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Need help or have a question?

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