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Auditing provides assurance of your company's compliance with market and regulatory requirements as well as provides you the validated information you need to make informed business decisions on everything from product quality to business security.


Inspection can provide retailers, manufacturers, traders, governments, sellers of goods and products the assurance that there products specifications are met with Intertek performing pre and post production inspections, factory evaluations, final random inspections, workmanship analysis and more.


Textile Testing can be performed utilizing  a variety of testing methods such as performance, flammability, feather and down testing and more.  Minimize risk while simultaneously protecting the interests of both manufacturer and consumer by ensuring your textiles and apparel are carefully tested and evaluated with accuracy.

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Food Testing can be performed to test your products and your suppliers’ products against all standards, including ISO, national and yours, to ensure the best quality control is maintained, and your reputation as a provider of high quality food is upheld.

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Toy Testing is essential when it comes to protecting precious little consumers at play.  As the largest player in the toy, games, and premium testing industry, Intertek can provide product safety testing, evaluation and a complete range of quality assurance services for toys and  juvenile products.




Packaging Testing is required for almost every single consumer product imaginable. Intertek provides essential safety and risk assessments of packaging materials and products by helping quantify, manage and leverage risk as you move your packaging materials through value chain.


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