New ETSI EN 300 328 V1.8.1 for Wireless Devices using 2.4 GHz Band

The number of wireless devices using technologies such as WLAN, Wifi, Zigbee or Bluetooth® has grown rapidly over the past years. The EU changed the ETSI EN 300328 standard, affecting the wideband transmitters operating in the 2.4GHz band, mandatory for market access into Europe. 

On 4 June 2012, the European Telecommunication Standard Institution (ETSI) published the official version of ETSI EN 300 328 V1.8.1 with a DOW of 31 December 2014. The old version was published in 2006, and there are a lot of differences in the new version. Products that declared conformity with the R&TTE directive against EN 300 328 V1.7.1 are needed to be reevaluated before the DOW of 31 December 2014.

Operation of 2.4GHz products by ordinary users tends to have experience of interference from other products using the same frequency band, so the new version V1.8.1 proposes adaptive equipment, and the adaptation mode in V1.8.1 is specified as: mechanism by which equipment can adapt to its environment by identifying other transmissions present in the band.

In V1.8.1, certain testing items have been added targeting both adaptive equipment and non-adaptive equipment, including Medium Utilisation (MU) factor, Adaptivity, Receiver Blocking which are new items in the new version. Moreover, the Frequency Range testing items in the new version V1.8.1 have been replaced by 99% Occupied Channel Bandwidth, and added Transmit Mask testing item. In the Radiated Spurious Emission testing item, the limits on TX Spurious are being modified.

Manufacturers have to plan on moving to the new version V1.8.1 of ETSI EN 300 328. Due to the DOW of 31 December 2014, update of the current devices is recommended, and review of the requirements and applicability to your products are strongly encouraged.

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