What do consumers really think about your products? - Intertek France Launches a New Consumer Testing Service

For a strongly competitive market like the consumer goods market, a key factor to guarantee the success is taking into consideration the final consumer’s feelings and opinions regarding your Vol-97-france-flow-chartproduct.

Intertek has extended its service by now offering consumer qualitative and quantitative studies on consumer goods such as home appliances, toys, clothes, cosmetics, housewares, electrical and electronic products.

Intertek proposes a complete offer, which includes lab testing according to national and international standards combined with independent consumer feedback. With this combined solution, you can easily measure the eventual differences between the actual product performance tested in the laboratory and product performance perceived by the consumer.

After registration to the panel, volunteers are sorted and selected into relevant groupings. The most adapted volunteer testers will test and compare products, and then complete thorough questionnaires which will record and rate their opinions. The volunteers could also participate in recorded semi-directed group discussions to express their opinion on various products and according to diverse themes.

Reponses and results are carefully analyzed to provide a detailed report including recommendations which are useful for both short and long term strategies.

Depending upon the product, study and request requirements, consumer testing could be done at home or in one of our testing centres: Heudebouville (Department: 27), Paris (75) and Villeneuve d'Ascq (59).

For more information, please contact us at Tel: +33.(0)2 3263 3145, Fax: +33 (0)2 3209 3659
or by email: consumergoods.france@intertek.com